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Entertaining /Henneries 












Seniier Activities 


Special Activities 



This used to be my playground 

This used to be my childhood dream 

This used to be the place I ran to 

Whenever I was in need of a friend 

Why did it have to end? 

And why do they always say 

"Don't Look Back" 

Keep your head held high 

Don't ask them why 

Because life is short 

And before you know 

You're feeling old 

And your heart is breaking 

Don't Hold On To The Past" 

Well that's too much to ask. 

This used to be my playground 

This used to be my childhood dream 

This used to be the place I ran to 

Whenever I was in need of a friend 

Why did it have to end? 

And why do they always say 

"No Regrets" 

But I wish that you 

Were here with me 

Well then, there's hope yet 

I can see your face 

in our secret place 

You're not just a memory 

'Say Goodbye To Yesterday" 

Those are words I'll never say 

This used to be my playground 

This used to be our pride and joy 

This used to be the place we ran to 

That no one in the world could dare destroy 

This used to be our playground 
This used to be our childhood dream 
This used to be the place we ran to 
I wish you were standing here with me 

This used to be our playground 
This used to be our childhood dream 
This used to be the place we ran to 
The best things in life are always free 
Wishing you were here with me 

— Theme song from A Leucine of Their Own 

IH I Madonna 


m-T^* ~<* _-•¥ 

<% » * -Hi*. • 41 

1 ■ \*<m±i>,Mi 'mtfrr -- 

■ '.■»■■ -m- x •W/.v. 

Mr. Whi'fing, 

Once again uou haue proven to the Methuen 
High School Senior class that you are the 
"Best Man for the Job." You continued to keep 
your "cool" when hectic schedules conflicted 
with short time periods. Being the Senior 
class advisor, and an honorary member of 
the Class of '95, isn't an easy task but you 
handled any situation (and you never 
stopped smiling)! You're a terrific teacher and 
an even better advisor. We can never thank 
you enough for everything you've done for 
the Class of 1995. 
PS. Happy Anniversary! 

Mrs. Moynihan, 

The Yearbook staff would be at a loss 

without your guidance. You came to us as a 

first year Yearbook advisor but you always 

seemed like a Pro. The Yearbook staff is 

always remembered but often the advisor is 

overlooked. In our case, we wouldn't have 

had a yearbook without you. You were the 

one to solve any outside "crisis" and keep the 

peace amongst the staff. Thank you for 

assisting us in preserving the memories of a 

"fantastic" senior year. 

In Loving Memory: 

Erik Enger (1977-1995) & 

Jong Choi (1977-1995) 

May they live on forever in our hearts. 

Charles P. Littlefield 

Elizabeth Keroack 
Asst. Superintendent 

Marilyn Harris 
Asst. Superintendent 

Arthur Nicholson 

A. Steuen Francis 
Asst. Principal 



Carol Blotner 

Carolyn Adams 

Michael Angelari 

Joseph Austin 

Gary Banks 

Asst. Principal 

Chapter 1 

Social Studies 

Occ.A'oc. Ed. — 
Dept. Head 

Special Ed. 

Cindy Bates 
World Language 

David Belliueau 

Karen Bergeron 
Phys. Ed. 

Patricia Borucki 
Occ.A'oc. Ed 

Linda Boxleitner 

Lois Boynes 

Richard Brain 

Dean Broader 

Daniel Burton 

Judy Cade 
Fam. & Con. Sci. 
Dept. Head 

Joseph Caruso 
World Language 

Janice Collamore 

Marie Comeau 

Elaine Crane 

William Cullen 

Sheilo Cunningham 

Richard Czamec 

Industrial Arts — 

Dept. Head 

Diane Dandreta 
Social Studies 

Kathryn Dawe 


Gary Dionne 
Special Ed. 



r j 



Jackie Dirsa 

Marilyn Dufton 

Anne Eckman 

Charles Eksoozian 
Chapter l 

Pasquale A. Emiro 
Special Ed. 


Paul Fiorentini 
Social Studies 

Veronica Flynn 
Special Ed. 

Joann Foley 

Joseph Forseze 

Robert Fradette 
Math — Dept. Head 

Linda Friel 
Media — Supervisor 

Roger Fuller 

Joyce Gagnon 

Joanne Gallagher 

Glenn Gearin 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Helen Gorman 
Special Ed. 

Kathy Greene 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Carolyn Griffin 
Special Ed. 

Douglas Hallbauer 

Karen Hallbauer 
World Language 

f f rl 

Geraldine Hart 

• m m I 



James Healey 
Social Studies 


Daniel Herlihy 

Judy Hitler 

Kenneth Hoffman 

Aluin Huebner 
Guidance — Depr. Head 

Michael Hughes 

Social Studies — 

Dept. Head 

Doreen Keller 

Edward Kelly 
Industrial Tech. 

M/mJ Hyde-Stott 
Phys. Ed. 

Mary Coleman Kennedy 
Special Ed. 

Sherri lsbister 
Fine Arts 

Dennis King 

Ed Jennings 


.Ann Mane Krusell 

Gloria Lamphier 
Special Ed. 

Sharon Landers 
Special Ed./L.D.RR 

Gary Lane 

Carol Leuesque 
World Language 

Leonie Longshore 

Neil Lynch 

Linda Lyons 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Dorothy Macintosh 
Special Ed. 

Jean Mathes 
English/Social Studies 

Peter Mazzaglia 


Michael McCormick 
Social Studies 

Maria McDermott 
Fam. & Con. Sci. 

Susan McGrath 

Colleen Meaney 

Jean Francois Menard 

World Language — 

Dept. Head 

Marion Minahan 

Fran Molesso 
Phys. Ed. 

John Moore 
Science — Dept. Head 

Marianne Moran 

Margaret Moynihan 


John Nigrelli 
Social Studies 

Justin Ouellette 
Special Ed. 

Mario Pagnoni 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Walter Pare 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Diane Pellegrino 

Patricia Pelletier 

Kevin Pezanowski 
Phys. Ed. 

Paula Picarillo 

Ann Marie Pinet 

Ann Marie 


Fam. & Con. Sci. 


y*.*i ! 





John Ramos 

Frank Rapisardi 

Joseph Robillard 
Phys. Ed. 

Robert Rosemarino 
Social Studies 

Rhonda Ruhmsholtel 


Peter Salemi 

Margaret Samaha 
Special Ed. 

Anthony Sanderson 

Gail Sanguedolce 

Rita Sanguedolce 

Frank Savory 
Fine Arts — Director 

Carol Scalera 
Social Studies 

Dean Schneider 

Donald Sestini James Shamberger 

Peer Mediation/\'. E.R.C. Indus trial Arts 

Betty Shaw 

Ellen Sicard 

Donald Smith 
Social Studies 

Jennifer Smith 
English — Dept. Head 

Steven Sudol 
Occ./\'oc. Ed. 

Noreen Tanglis 

Beverly Taylor 
World Language 

Brian ( rquhart 
Athletic Director 

Kathu VanHom 

World Language 

Mary \iscosi 
Nurse Coordinator 

Susan Wagner 
Fine Arts 

Patricia Walsh 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

David Whiting 
Social Studies 

Kate Wilkinson 

Carol Young 
Special Ed. 


Nanonal Honor Society 

lsc Chnstopher Thomas, Brett Cagliuso.Beth Bergeron., 
Jen Dube. Andrew Griffin, Audra Rovinski, Katie Milton, 
Mike Grassi, Sean Gregoire, Jong Baik 
2nd: Jeff Hellman, Son Chung, Melanie Russo.Came Hamman, 
Kate Vaughan, Santa Patel, Amanda Hajj, Hye Chung Shin, 
Beth Brucato, Jennifer Cormier, Uz Daly, Ma Truong, 
Tim Theberge, Elizabeth Michaud, Kelley McNeill, 
Mark Ruggiero 

3rd- Mun Kim, Joe Normandin, KirK Saraceno, Allyson Miller, 
Uura Mancini, Kurt Bergeron. Vishad Patel, Patrick Hoey. 
Nick Patel, Same Sturgis, Jennifer Smith. Rachel Freedman, 
Christine Reilly, Ryan Carson 

407- Frank Botta, Kelly Kinneen, Knstine Collins, Masumi Patel, 
Janet Brown, John Macleod.Matt Howshan, Parag Patel, Mana Rono, 
Francesca Beaudoin, Mike Kam, Jenne Pierce, 
David Cianciolo 

French Honor Society 

lsc Allice Stanca, Jeff Roukes. Jackie Mendez 

Spanish Honor Society 

/5f: Melanie Russo, Knsten Longo. Cnssabelle Ovalles, 

Allyson Miller. Masumi Patel 

2nd: Tnna Tabacco, Kate Vaughan, Margaret MacLellan, 

Jessica Gonzalez, Christine Reilly 

3rd: Jamie Shamberger, Mana Flono. Henry Hidalgo, 

Rkhard Avbar 


*(*,. ■ 



1st: Vanessa Henry. Aleen Saraceno. Dayo Ibraheem 

2nd. Jill Shepherd. Tracey Borucki. Sicole Angelone. Jessica Gonzalez. 

Crissabelle Oualles. Jody Lara. Lee Anna Belton. Jessica DeBurro 

3rd: John Gilben. Kristin Piccarillo. Shaun McCarthy. Lindsay DeCecco. 

Diana Rubin. Diane Gabryjelski. Jen DeBurro. Laura Mancini. Laina 

Smith. Matt Howshan 

4th: Kirk Saraceno. Miguel Perez. Dave Chiola. Rosa Bruno. Marissa 

Kaslow. Sheilla LeBron. Ingrid \asquez. Shauna Hughes. Yliana Cos- 

tanos, Tony Puopolo. 


Office Help 

1st: Kelley Robito, Vanessa Henry, Stacey Suliueras 
2nd: Jessica DeBurro, Kristy Tridenti, Yliana Castanos, Sheilla LeBron 
3rd Jenn Breton, Beatrice Guzman, Cheryl Thunstrom, Michelle Des- 
met, Kelly Simone 

Media Help 

1st: Maria Sergi, Kelli Buote, Vicki Spada 

2nd: Christine Gairachty, Amy Lakin, Jason Khalil 

3rd: Beth Bergeron, Matthew Sanborn, Amie Sheehan, Taylor Towne, 

Kerri Grillo 

Academic Internship 

1st Trina Tobacco, Christie Fox, Kate Vaughan, Jessica Gonzalez, 

Maggie MacLellan. Crissabelle Oualles, Nicole Angelone 

2nd: Audra Abraham, Erica Dauis, Nicole Noel, Mzi Trung. Noreen 

Regal, Heather Greenwood, Michelle Dailey, Rachel Freedman. Sabine 


3rd: Shauna Hughes, Ryan Carson, Jennifer McCarthy, Amy Boucher, 

Jody Towne, Christine Oliueri, Tanya Rule. Dan Grelle, Chris Incollingo 





Different Colors Club 

1st: Ms. Isbister, Jessica Gonzalez, Crissabelle Oualles, Nicole An- 
gelone, Dianne Mowatt, Aleen Saraceno, Kerry-Ann Keenan, Stacey 
Suliueras, Jackie Mendez, Jamie Decubellis, Jaclyn Potter, Nancy Ong 
2nd: Mandy Couture, Yliana Castanos, Shauna Hughes, Roel Rynders, 
Allice Stanca, Cheryl Thunstrom, Tom Fawcett, Tony Puopolo. Dayo 
Ibraheem, Rosa Bruno, Rosa Chiola, Sapna Bhadola. Ka-Wan Li 
3rd: Sheilla LeBron, Parag Patel, Shaun McCanhy. Maria Anctil. Miguel 
Perez, Jennifer DeBurro, Jennifer Webb, Darcy Ladd, David Chiola. Jill 
Shepherd, Son Chung, Cristina Cardone. Melissa Cruz 
4th: Tim Theberge, Vishad Patel, Casey Pelletier, Lori Fazio. Julie Gos- 
selin, Diane Gabryjelski, Tracey Borucki, Kerri Grillo, Amie Sheehan. 
Diana Rubin, Scott Bell, Arianne Duerr, Keyla Isabel, Justin Goujon 
5th. Kelly Simone. Kirk Saraceno, Vanessa Henry, Sarah Ronsivalli. Ma- 
rissa Kaslouu, Jessica DeBurro. Matt Howshan. Cynthia Dacey. Kristen 
Piccirillo, Lindsay DeCecco, Mun Kim, Yoo Kim. Hanh Le. Buddy Bona 

Science Club 

1st: Stephanie Beeley. Jen Cormier. Sarita Patel. Diane Gabryjelski. 

Sarah Consentino. Kirk Saraceno. Mun Kim. Son Chung. Ka-W'an Li. 

Nancy Ong 

2nd. Hanh Le. Masumi Patel. Joe Normandin. Janet Brown, Jarrett 

Beeley. Nick Patel. Barry Muise. Sapna Bhadola 

3rd. Vishad Patel. John Cahoon. Frank Bona. Jeff Hellman. Parag Patel. 

Francesa Beaudoin. Yoo Kim. Dave Fallon 


Concert Band 

1st: Michael Hoffman, Chris Woodard, Tony Puopolo 

2nd: Mike Griffin, Carrie Hamman, Allison Munroe, Julie Rousseau, 

Sarah Vincent, Bethany Lasonde, Amy DAgastino, Alejo Santiago, 

Bethany Greenwood, Allison Regal, Michele Michaud, Bryan Buck, 

Harry Shin 

3rd: Taylor Towne, Steven Trauerso, Heather Murray, Meghan Bailey, 

Melissa Bellauance, Stephanie Hamel, Katie Loosigian, Chang Suh, Joe 

Gregg, Brian Gauthier, Tom Spitalere, Zaid Alhussaini, Dan Vincente 

4th: Matt Sanborn, John Daueta, Elisabeth Curry, Mike Allbee, PatHoey, 

Lenny Bretton, Greg Davis, Lisa Michaud, Marissa Van Ryzin, Dustin 

Botta, Andre Garand, Jen Grillo, Bryant Clark, Jen Dube 

Jazz Band 

1st: Leslie Brown, Carrie Hamman, Mike Griffin, Julie Rousseau 
2nd: Mike Hoffman, Meghan Bailey, Lenny Bretton, Bryan Buck 
3rd: Lisa Michaud, Jen Dube, Bryant Clark, Marissa Van Ryzin, Andre 

Pep Band 

1st: Carrie Hamman, Stephanie Hamel 

2nd: Bryan Buck, Lenny Bretton 

3rd: Jen Dube, Michael Allbee, Andre Garand 


Marching Band 

lsc Michael Hoffman. Jen Dube, Stephanie Hamel, Melissa Bellavance, 

Lenny Bretton, Tony Puopolo 

2nd: Mike Griffin, Came Hamman, Alison Munro, Julie Rousseau, 

Bethany Lasonde, Amy D'Agosuno, Aleio Santiago, Bethany Greenwood, 

Allison Regal, Michelle michaud, Bryan Buck, Charry Shin 

3rd: Taylor Towne, Steven Traverso, Heather Murray, Meghan Bailey. 

Katie Loosigan, Joe Gregg, Brian Gauthier, Tom Spitalere, Zaid AlhussainiJ 

Daniel Vincente 

40i: Matthew Sanborn, John Daveta, Bsbeth Curry, Lisa Michaud, 

Greg Davis, Mike Allbee, Chris Woodard, Patrick Hoey, Dusnn Botta, 

Andre Garand, Bryant Clark, Jen Gnllo 

Color Guard 

lsc: .Melissa Bellavance, Stephanie Hamel 
2nd: Julie Gosselin. Kellie Doherty, Justine Freeman 
3rd: Meredith Shea. Stephanie Buck, Vanessa White. 
Lynn Muracn. Beth Page 


lsc: JusDne Freeman. Mary Wong, Laura Bretton, 

Doreen Famham. Sarah Consentino. Kate Vaughan. 

Shen Kirov 

2nd: Shennen Lydon. Chnstine Rubino, Cnsbna Cardone, 

Michelle Desmet. Stacia Tokowicz. Laura .Mancini. Liz Smith. 

Chns Foster 

3rd: Jenny Saba. Rachel Matos. Lucy Coco. Meredith Shea. 

Julie Gosselin. Liz Smith. Carlos Schmidt. Jonathan Schiavone 


Spanish Club 

1st: Katie Milton, Jason Sanguedolce. Melissa Vitale. Lisa Michaud. Va- 
nessa Henry, Dayo lbraheem, Lee Anna Belton, Cheryl Thunstrom. 
Aleen Saraceno, unknown, Maria Florio, Miguel Perez 
2nd: Jill Shepherd, Bethany Lasonde, Tracey Borucki. Colleen Lynch, 
Kristen Longo, Maria Sergi, Kate Vaughan, Jessica Gonzalez. Sarita 
Patel, Tara Sandner, Maggie MacLellan. Chris Greco, Stacey Suliveras, 
Laura McCarthy, Andrew Griffin 

3rd. Tim Theberge. Christine lacono. Jenn DeBurro, Crissabelle 
Oualles, Sapna Bhadola, Hanh Le. Julie Ouelette. Lori DelliCoili. Jill 
Ouelette, Taylor Towne. Joe Normandin. Kirk Saraceno. Laura Mancini 
4th: Sharon Pultar. Tara Guilmette. Diana Rubin. Julie Gosselin. Emily 
Brown. Jennifer Goosens. Patrick Hoey. Rachel Freedman. Christine 
Reilly. Masumi Patel. Kristine Collins. Wade Kennedy. Susie Castillo 

French Club 

1st: Son Chung. \'icki Spada. Kery-Ann Keenan. Jackie Mendez. Sarahi 

Consentino. Phil Saroian 

2nd: Mun Kim. Yoo Kim. Sarah Corbitt. Laura Ackroyd. Jessica Pear-\ 

son. Barry Muise 

3rd: Cheryl Osgocxi. Elsbeth Curry. Katie Firth. Marissa Kaslow 

Italian Club 

1st: Trina Tobacco. Stephanie Hamel. Carolyn Alicea. Lucy Coco. Lori 

Fazio. Jill Collupy 

2nd. Crissabelle Oualles, Lucy Currao. Bryan Firth. Chris Foster. Davie 


3rd: Jonathan Schiat'one. Allison Regal. Frank Biancardi. Tara Le wan 

dowski. Tony Puopolo 

Blue & White 

1st: James Shirton, Jessica Berube, Ryan Sawyer, Sharon Pultar, Aleen 


2nd: (Ed.) Ryan Carson, Tim Theberge, Kate Vaughan, Laura Mancini, 

Caralyn Cody 

3rd: Kristine Collins, Matt Terry, Daue Fallon, Kelly Fitzgerald, Heather 



1st: (Sr. ed.) Roland Giuffre, Kate Vaughan, Laura Bretton, Kerry Ann 
Keenan, (Soph, ed.) Sarah Consentino, Thanh Truong, Meg Marcoux, 
Jill Shepherd, Aleen Saraceno 

2nd: Michelle Desmet, Nicole Angleone, April Burton, Kirk Saraceno, Liz 
Smith, Jessica Berube, Laura Mancini, Meghan Bailey, Elizabeth Os- 

3rd: (Jr. ed.) Sharon Pultar, (Art ed.) Dan Palmer, Liz Farrah, John 
Cahoon, Sean Gregoire, Jeffrey Hellman, Daue Fallon, Matt Terry, Grant 


Co-Op Education 

lsc: Jodi Cavaretta, Iris Candelario, Michele DeCoteau, 
Kim Crisante, Stacia Tokowicz, Lisa Burroughs, Debbie DeLocto, 
Erica Davis, Kristin Penllo, Paul Letoumeau, Jenn Tuccarella, 
Becky Wescott 

2nd: Kathy Martineau, Sheilla LeBron, Yliana Castanos, 
Heidi Daly, Julie Karmarski, Tricia Boucher, Melissa Bellavance, 
Colleen Conley, David Zukofski, Ray Matches, Jason Miller 
3rd: Krisry Tridenti, Kelley Robito, Denise Dellanno, Melanie Willis, 
Mandy Gomez, Erin McCall, Kelley Duggan, Shauna Privitera, 
Tim Morasse, Steve Partatore, Joshua Jordan, Mike Firth, 
Jason Thome 

Co-Op Business 

1st: Tracey Hutton, Sheilla LeBron, Sue Bartose, 
Sherry Skaff, Allice Stanca 

2nd: Yanira Roman, Yliana Castanos, Jessica Pearson, 
Kiet Hong, Steve McGibbon 

3rd: Dennis Moreau, Shauna Privitera, Lenny Smith, 
Tony Minicucci, Tony Simone 

'\ S 





Freshman Class Officers 

(Pres.) Carrie Beaulieu. (Vice-Pres.) Kerri Markey. (Sec.) Christina Tri- 
denti, (Treas.) Megan Sachs 

Sophomore Class Officers 

1st: (Treas.) Kathy Cote. (Vice-Pres.) Lori DelliColli 
2nd: (Sec.) Bethany Barbagallo. (Pres.) Kevin Stacey 

Junior Class Officers 

1st: Erin Stewart (Sec), Dayo lbraheem (Pres.) 

2nd: Laura Sanderson (V. Pres.) Laura Abraham (Treas.) 

Senior Class Officers 

Miguel Perez (Pres.), Jenn Webb (Vice-Pres.), Eddie Orsini (Sec), Amy 
Boucher (Treas.) 



One of Meghan Bailey's many talents. 

**A4uiir<clhilKiirs , * ,B 




The 1994-95 Rangers' Football Team 
had a rough time with their difficult 
schedule, but still maintained dignity in 
the face of defeat. Coach Larry Klimas, 
with the aid of his assistant coaches, 
brought a young team to a stunning 
win over Methuen's archrival, the 
Dracut Middies. Team captains were 
Mike Qualter and Tim "Smitty" Smith. 
The team tried desperately to rebuild a 
fallen football dynasty, in hope that 
future teams will recapture the old glory 
of the Methuen Rangers. 

Defensive player Russ Riopelle keeps a watch- 
ful eye over the opposing team, (aboue) Man- 
ager Jeff DeFrancisco is always willing to aid 
a fellow Ranger, (below) 

^mm^ 1 ^ 

a .-<*g 

Seniors. Mike Qualter. Tim Smith. Sal Lomagno. Jack Bradish, Dennis Moreau. Steven .\ssad. Jeff 
Grieco, Russ Riopelle. Jason Barbieri. Fred Riccio. Mike Mustapha. Jake Scott. Joe Woekel. Jim 
Jutras. Jeff DeFrancisco, Chuck McRobbie. 


V I 

■ vS Hk i - vl'/ 


' / mU^m 

Quarterback Mike Mustapha wears the intense 
look of determination, characteristic of a 

1 Cujfc&bwCvJ 

Untold Sodbory 














' [ ' ■ ' , / i ' 

",' '[ V >.' 


Wide Ret elver Mike Qualtei /cures 
the Held after a brutal offensli ■<■ play 


Field HocKey 

The Varsity Field Hockey Team had 
an impressive season this year, finish- 
ing with a 13-5-1 record, and advancing 
to the semifinals of the state tourna- 
ment. Coach Paula Picarillo, being a 
former player on the team, provided the 
drive on their path to victory. There are 
only good things in the future for this 
powerful team. 

Coach ricurillo inspires the team with sot 
insightful words of advice. 

(Top l-r) Lauren Hall. Bethany Barbagallo. Vanessa Willis. Katie Milton. Audra Rouinski, Jen 
Cormier. (Middle) Diana Rubin. Heather St. Louis. Jaclyn Potter. Erin Stewart. Melanie Klier. Heidi 
Daly. (Bottom) Dawn Dubiel. Cori Miner. Jen McCarthy. Fara Mansour. Nicole Carson. 


home visitor, 

(be.ver\y 3 


,znior teammates form strong bonds of friendship while developing a winning spirit, leading 
iem to the playoffs. 

"What, me worry?" Captain Jen McCarthy pre 
pares to play 

Nothing gets by Goalie 

■«"« ^V^riVl'W/ 7 

: I 

Girls 9 Scccer 

These Rangers were an unusually ex- 
ceptional team, led by Coach Dean 
Schneider. There were no captains be- 
cause no one wanted to be considered 
above the other players. There was no 
competition within the team, instead 
they concentrated on the field. The girls 
developed strong character and 
morals, which resulted in a very close 
team. They were happy for each other's 
accomplishments and proud that they 
played their best. Even in the face of de- 
feat, they pulled together and continued 
to strive for excellence. This team 
learned the true meaning of sportsman- 
ship: the goal in life is not how many 
points you make, but how you play. Go 


(left) Coach Schneider observes his team on 
the field, offering support and words of en- 

Sara Pearson dribbles the ball, looking to 

score a qoal for her team. 

(back to front) Jen Morin. Jamie Clement. April Fluet, Laura Sanderson. Audra Abraham. Kristin 
Thunstrom. Melissa Smith. Allison Riccio. Cathy Cote. Sara Pearson. Jen Ata, Stephanie Habib. 
Ryan Hibour, Melissa Carter, Coach Schneider. Kara Riccio. Nicole Wildes, Sarita Patel. Robyn 
Danahy, Coach Blood. 


IBeys' B Soccer 

"The goal of the game is to win. They won't get 
by me!" Co-Captain Tim Yerian runs down the 
field, ready to defend his net. 

The Ranger boys' soccer team had a 
rough time this year, losing most of 
their games due mainly to the inexperi- 
ence of the young team. Coach Francis- 
co Narganes, with the aid of assistant 
coaches Tim Yerian and Mike Bolduc, 
taught the team that winning means 
trying your best. Hopefully that is a les- 
son that the players will hold onto for 
the rest of their lives. 

(top to bottom) Tim Yerian. Wesly Smith. Pat ODonnell. Vishad Patel. Adam Demers. Steve Haude- 
iette, ToddLaplant, MattGiglio. Sam coco. Marco O.. John Thorton. Man i lowshan. JeffD'Agostlru >. 
Kyle Flanagan. John McCloud. Kevin Stacey. Sean McCarthy. Brian Bw k 



The 1994 golf team continued to 
dominate the competition. Coach 
Karen Richardson feit that this year's 
outstanding performance is a sign of 
things to come, saying, "The season 
was very successful considering this 
was a rebuilding year . . .". Team cap- 
tains Josh Rose and Mark Ruggiero 
lead the team to an 8-4-2 season, leav- 
ing their competition in the dust. This 
team has high hopes for the future. 

. . , -«*, % 

am s(kkh) GOOD!!!' losh Rose icrri^ in his 


(top to bottom) Ryan Nicholson, JeffBriggs. Adam Gabryjelski. Tommy Greenwood. Bryan Barns. 
Kurt Bergeron, Jeff Osgood, John Pickles. Jon Desrochers. Kevin OReal. Mike Blanchette. 



The twenty-eight member girls' var- 
sity swim team, led by coach Kara 
Nightingale, found it difficult to keep 
their heads above water this year. 
Viewed by many as a rebuilding year, 
the coaching staff looks to tomorrow's 
athletes to bring glory back to Methuen. 
Kristi Gray and Linda Baik have con- 
siderable potential, as they both won 
awards for their skill. With a record of2- 
7, the girls held their heads as high in 
defeat as they would in victory, a true 
example of Ranger pride. 

(above) Freshman Kerin Pierce cheers on her 

(top to bottom) Linda Baik. Michelle Belauance, Maria Foi bes, ramie Bonacorsl Marissa Kaslow, 
JulieGosselin Amanda Shea. Jamie Parker. Sarah M<-i r< »i u icnlniiic lessica Smith. HcckyWildcs. 
Melissa Wokel. shannon Towne. Kern Smith, Paula Dube, lenne Pierce, Amy < orcoran, Kerin 
Pierce. Katie Spranct. Kristie Gray. Tanya Ruiz ; _ 


The Ranger girls' volleyball team had 
an excellent season, led by Co- 
Captains Kelly Kinneen and Dianne 
Mowatt. Under the guidance of Coach 
Jeanne Molloy, the girls advanced to 
the second round in the state tourna- 
ment, losing to a tough rival, the Dracut 
Middies. Coach Molloy believed that the 
team "played well to their potential," 
completing the season with a 13-8 rec- 

I 41 t 

^ A 

Co-Captains Dianne Mowatt and Kelly Kinneen 
contemplate their strategy during a hreak in the 

X v 

(fop to bottom) Katie Rock. Amy D'Agostino, Rebecca Delduca, Shannon Murphy, Heather Ander- 
son, Heidi Anderson, Jamie Cassidg, Brenda Bergeron, Kendra Welch, Kelly Robiro, Dianne 
Mowatt, Maggie MacLellan 


"I got it!", Mike Jutras bumps the bail 


IBcy§' B 

Coach Mark Blanchette directed the 
Ranger Boys' Volleyball team to an out- 
standing 12-6 season. Captains Mike 
Jutras and Tommy Greenwood en- 
couraged a close team and led them to 
two victories against "unbeatable Cath- 
olic Memorial". Mike Jutras received All- 
Conference while Tommy Greenwood 
and Mike Blanchette were named All- 


Tom Greenwood and Mike Jutras were captains 
of the Rangers. 


4H i ^i\ 

tfronf fo back; Tom Greenwood. Todd Francis. T.J. Hajjar, lohn Topman, Sang Song Cho, Mike 

Blanchette. Keith Pierce. Mike Jutras. ( oucli Mark lilanclx-tic. long Choi 



Girls 9 Grcss-Gcuiitry 

The girls' crosscountry team showed 
great improvement since last year, ending 
with a 5-6 record, under the direction of 
Coach Brenda Clark-Wame. Captain Jamie 
Shamberger, who received the Coaches 
Award, encouraged the team to depend on 
and support each other during all meets. 
This, and the coach's ingenious "pack" 
strategy carried the team to its first victory 
over PMA in years. Senior Emily Brown 
joined the team for her first season and con- 
tributed a lot of talent and spirit. All-star 
sophomore runners Alyssa Bergeron and 
Jana Scalisi received Most improved and 
MVP, respectively. These Rangers know 
how to go the distance and next year, will 
take it even farther. 

Captain Jamie Shamberger goes the distance. 


Boys' Cross-Cowitry 

Coach Dennis King directed the boys' 
cross-country team through a difficult 
season. But the Rangers still managed 
to produce some great athletes. Max 
Minayas first year was, by far, a great 
season, accomplishing more than any- 
one thought possible in one year. Cap- 
tains Larry Ellis, Jeffrey Ferland, and 
Jason Khalil were a strong base for the 
raw talent and displayed positive atti- 
tudes through their strong leadership 

The three horseman of the Ranger Cross- 
country team. Captains Jeff. Larry, and Jay 
held their ground all season. 

-arry Ellis leads the race, concentrating on the 
Jnish line. 

Girts* Basketball 

This season's girls' basketball team 
was an intensely dedicated group, de- 
voted to each other and to their love of 
the game. Coach Mimi Hyde-Stott di- 
rected the Rangers to the State Tourna- 
ment. The five senior captains, Michelle 
Dailey, Megan Stewart, DianneMowatt, 
Heather St. Louis, and Kelly Kinneen, tri- 
umphantly led the team to a 19-4 rec- 
ord. They had many victories, but even 
through the heartbreak of losing to their 
toughest competition, Haverhill, they 
still kept their hopes up and continued 
to play fiercely. All-Conference players 
were Dianne and Kelly while Jamie 
Cassidy, Michelle Dailey, and Erin 
Stewart were All-Stars. 


(above) "Nothing but net.' #31. Diane Macau 
focuses on the basket. 


(front to back) Coach Karen -Babysitter McLaughlin. Coach Mimi Hyde-Stott. Fara Mansour, Katie 
Milton Meghan Stewart. Heather St. Louis, Diane Moiuatt. Michelle Dailey. Kelly Kinneen. Christina 
Travares, Heidi Anderson. Jen Bradley, Erin Stewart. Jamie Cassidy. Heather Anderson. Sarah 


(above) Junior Richie Borden leaps over oppo- 
nents to score for the Rangers. (left) Captain 
Josh Pfeil flies on the court. 

IDeys' 9 Basketball 

Captains Mark Ruggiero and Josh 
Pfeil led the boys' basketball team to a 
dynamic 13-8 record. Under Coach Jim 
Weymouth's direction, the Rangers tri- 
umphed over Haverhill and Andover, 
their toughest competition. All-Stars 
were Richie Barden, Brian Bettano, and 
Mark Ruggiero. Brian and Mark also 
made All-Conference. Mike Qualter and 
Tim Smith received the Coaches' 
Award and Mark was named MVP. 

(top to bottom) Dave Jacobson. Steue Silua. Dennis Dube. Richie Ran ten, '<•// DeFrancesco, Matt 
Howshan. Brian Bettano. Josh Rose. Josh Pfeil, lun Smith, Mike Qualter 



Cooch Tom Busto, with the aid of 
Kevin Pezinowski, directed the Ranger 
Ski Team. Eariy in the year Heather 
Greenwood was injured, but the team 
was still supportive of each other. Cap- 
tains Jenn Webb, Jen Cormier, Keith 
Pierce and Mike Jutras united the team 
and encouraged their good attitude. 
The Rangers competed at Bradford Ski 
Area, racing on the modified Slalom. 

"Somebody check! Is Jack Frost behind me 

(front to back) Rachel Freedman, Jenn Webb, Melanie Rousseau, Jen Comtier. Chris Pollick. Peter 
Rock, Mike Jutras, Jeff D'Agostino, Keith Pierce, Kami. Francesa Beaudoin. DaveSestini. Brian Kim 
ball, Brandon LaFlamme, John Pickles, Jamie Clement, Megan Sachs, Coach Buster, and Shannon 


3ok our.' Par Pierce will snow plow anyone 
1 at gets in his way. 

left I >'/\()<>siino (owes to a stop after a i [g< irous 


Boys* Indoor Track 


This year's team consisted of 68 — 
with only four as seniors. Head Coach 
Joseph Golec proclaimed it was a "suc- 
cessful season . . . with better quality 
performances." Captains Larry Ellis, 
Jong Baik, and Jake Scott led the 
Rangers to a 4-4 record, with big wins 
against Wilmington, Billerica, N. An- 
douer, and Haverhill. 

Assistant coaches Larry Klimas and 
Fuller have separate reactions to the 



Seniors only. Jake Scott. Jason Khalil, Larry Ellis. Joe Woekel. 


**~* -\ I 

Girls' 9 Indoor Track 


Coach Blood directed some ex- 
tremely gifted athletes on the Ranger 
team this year. Captain Audra Rouinski 
made All-Conference and won the first 
Methuen High Class A State title in high 
jump with a 5' 4". Other stars were 
Linda Balk, who placed 3rd in shotput 
at the Class A meet, and Joy Conley, the 
small school All-Star in the 300m. The 
Coaches' Award went to Melissa Sid- 
lick, while Jamie Decubellis received 
Most improved. 

^ 1 

Morybeth Boua leads her team in victory. 

rfT S 

(top to bottom) Marissa. Vanessa Henry. Diana Hul>in. Jen iiretton, Stat eg Gallagher, I inda Balk, 
Patti-Ann Pawlick. Joy Conley. Rosalind. Melissa < oner. Marybeth Boua, Alyssa Bergeron, lennifei 
Goosens Elisa Brown. Melissa DiCroche, Michelle Scott. Colleen Ru hard, April I luet, Suziei astlllo. 
Alesha Hughes. Kara Hiccio. Karen Griffin. Audra Rouinski, lamie Decubelils Michelle Rlopelle 

Trisha Maunsell 



The 94-95 Ranger Skating team was 
directed by Coach Jen DeRoche, put- 
ting on several shows throughout the 
year. The girls worked well together 
and had a fun time, especially present- 
ing the Christmas show to the students 
of the three middle schools. Co-Cap- 
tains Christine Reilly and Jenny Smith 
led the team along with secretary 
Kristin Longo and treasurer Noreen 

f ft p ft (X 

/r. Mun Kim. Kathy Amato. Jen Jones. Colleen Lynch 

mid. Noreen Regal. Christine Reilly. Shaina Lannon. Coach Jen DeRoche. Jen Osgood. Jen Smith 

Kristen Longo 

back. Tracey Borucki. Alison Regal. Stacey Parker. Lauren Taylor. Sharon Pultar. Beth Greenwood 

Patty Moreau. Cheryl Osgood. Michelle Desmet. Crystal Luce 



^ . i' i^ ^ - 

-mm *% 


The varsity hockey team, under Cooch 
Joe Robillard, once again qualified for the 
state tournament and provided many ex- 
citing games over the season. Big wins 
over Central Catholic, Andover, and Divi- 
sion I State Champion Chelmsford were 
some of the highlights. Leading the way 
for the Rangers were Captains Dave 
O'Heam and Brett Cagliuso. They were 
chosen for the All-Conference team 
along with Jason Daigle, while Jeff 
Roukes received an All-Conference 
honorable mention. 

Captain Brett Cagliuso races down the rink with 
the puck, about to score another goal. 


(front to back) Chris Incollinqo. Jay Dinsmore. Jeff Roukes, Dai •<■ < )l learn. Km in Hurry. Hill < m in I < '11 
Steve Pellatori. Dan Grelle. Syd Cox. Brett Cagliuso. BohDuhe. jnnDesrot her. Jason Daigle, < oach 
Robes, Pat OLaughlin. Andy Petisce. Mark Rapazzo. Dan Kobrinski, Ryam ri leant. loin Bcaulicu, 
Mark Aiello. . , ( 

Fall Ctieerleadirig 

In sun, rain, and even snow the 
Methuen High cheerleaders encour- 
aged the team and pumped up the 
crowd. Even when the football team 
was down in the dumps, these spirited 
girls were literally flying high as Beth- 
any Lasonde and Co-Captain Trina To- 
bacco were cast up into the air. The 
other captains were Amy Beaulieu and 
Jill Ouellette. The girls also participated 
in the annual Methuen Santa Parade. 
This team is so spirited, they even at- 
tended other MHS sports events to 
cheer their classmates in addition to 
cheering for the football team! 

(front to bock) Katy Danahy, Amy Beaulieu, Trina Tobacco. Jill Ouellette. Nicole Pelletier. Liz Daly. 
Lori DelliColli, Bethany Lasonde. Kristin Dinati. Jamie Colletta. Julie Markey. Cheri Gordon. Diane 
Gabryjelski. Deidre Didio. Kerri Markey. and Coach Michelle Wodlyka. 


che team's half time show revealed their un 
elenting spirit and support of the boy's basket 
>all team. 

Winter Ctieeiteading 

Throughout the hoop season, the 
Ranger cheerleaders gave it their all 
(sometimes even their voices?). The 
halls, as well as the girls were thrown 
through the air as the crowd yelled 
along with "Give me an M". Crowd in- 
volvement was a major concern of the 
squad, and with the help of signs and 
mega-loud voices, the gym echoed 
with the words of the cheers. The girls 
entered a competition at the end of the 
season and their performance made us 
all very proud. 

(Below) 1st row till Ouellctte. lima ialxuco. Amu IWaulieu. Jnd row 
Bethany Lasonde. Kristin Dinah. Kent Markey, ml row Lori Dellli "lit 
i)cidre'[)idio. lulie Markey, back roir Diane Gabryjelski, Kate Danahy, 
Jamie Colletta, Liz Daly 

Girls 9 Gymnastics 

The Ranger gymnasts had an incred- 
ible season with a record of 7-1, the 
highest in three years. Under Coach 
Kevin Gendreau, these spirited ladies 
broke the team record with a 134.2. 
Captains Beth Brucato and Cori Miner 
led these vivacious Rangers to place 
5th at North Sectionals. Freshman 
Ryan Welch and Jessie Gowell made it 
to the state championships. Cori Miner 
received MVP and predicts a great 
future ahead for these talented Ranger 

Seniors Michelle DeCoteau. Maria Anctil. Beth Brucato. Cori Miner, and Chrissy Oliveri forme 
strong bonds of friendship that gave them extra motivation to perfomi their best. 

(top to bottom) Ryann Welch. Allison Brucato. Ellen Clarke. Melissa Demers. .\ndrea Martin. Kerri 
Bergeron. Amanda Rotondo. Kelly Miner. Kathy Johnson. Bethany Barbagallo. Jessica Gowell. 
Sara Owin. Dawn Dubiel. Kelly Lane. Danielle Logrippo. Coach Bergeron. Maria Anctil, Cori Miner. 
Beth Brucato. Chrissy Oliveri. Michelle DeCoteau. Coach Gendreau. 



Methuen Ure&tfin 




In this comer, wearing blue and white 
trunks, with a record of J 9-5- J, from 
Methuen High . . . The Rangers wres- 
tling team! Led by captains Steue 
Assad, Neil McCarthy and Dave Chiola, 
this year's squad had an outstanding 
season. "The boys on the team were 
well disciplined and represented the 
town of Methuen in proud fashion," 
said Coach Robert Fitzgerald, Jr. Finish- 
ing 5th in the state, highest in school 
history, the 94-95 Ranger wrestling 
team produced several standouts. 

Captains Steue Assad, Neil McCarthy, and Dave 
Chiola led the Rangers through an outstanding 



The Hangers wrestling team is truly unstoppable. 

-. i 

IBcys' 9 Tennis 

The Ranger Boys' Tennis team had 
an admirable record of 10-7 under 
Coach Donald Smith. This energetic 
team made it to the first round in the 
state tournament, piaying the #2 
ranked team in the state, Andouer. Sam 
Bragg received the Coaches' Award, 
Dave Zukofski was named MVP, and 
John Minassian was Most Improved 
Player. The Rangers also received val- 
uable help from seniors Jim Shirton, 
Nick Patel, and Dave Cianciolo. 

(seniors) Dave Zukofski, Sam Bragg. Dave Cianciolo. Nick Patel. Jim Shirton. and John Minassian 

k-J 1 — r\ \ 


Girls* Tennis 

This was a rebuilding year for the '95 
girls' tennis team. Coach Jennifer Caey 
led the Rangers to a 10-7 record and to 
the 2nd round in the State Tournament. 
These enthusiastic girls united to beat 
tough rival, Haverhill. Lauren Valerio 
was named MVP, Stacie Forsythe re- 
ceived the Coaches' Award and Sarita 
Patel was the Most Improved Player. 

Captains Jen Cormier and Tara Lebel 


* * \ % * , 

\ * \ » V v 

Masumi Patel serves the ball. 

(seniors) Kristen Longo. Carrie Hamman, Maureen Hanky, lent ormier. Vara Lebel, and Masumi 




"Small School Coach of the Year" Dan 
Habib led these Rangers to the State 
Tournament for the first time in 4 years. 
Captains Michelle Dailey and Mel Klier, 
as well as Heidi Anderson and Nicole 
Wildes were named All-Stars. Seniors 
Heather St. Louis, Tracy Aziz, Jackie 
Potter, and Rachel Freedman helped 
the team finish the season with an out- 
standing record. 


Pitcher Rachel Freedman winds up for a killer 

(front to back) Heather St. Louis. Shannon Towne. Laura Sanderson. Kelly Kleary, Kristen Piccarillo. 
Tracy Aziz, Coach Dan Habib. Mel Klier. Michelle Dailey. KaraRiccio. Nicole Wildes. Heidi .Anderson. 
Jackie Potter. Rachel Freedman. Heather Anderson 



The Ranger Baseball team, under 
Coach Mario Pagnoni, had a record of 
4-16, but ended the season strong, 
winning their last two games against 
North Andouer and Tewksbury. Cap- 
tain Mark Ruggiero held the highest bat- 
ting average while he and fellow cap- 
tain, Mike Grassi, received All-Confer- 
ence honors. 

Captains Mark Ruggiero and Mike Grassi were 
stars off the field as well as on it. 

(front to back) Pat O'Donnell, Mark Rug<)iero, Andg l'eiisce. Mike Grassi. Dan I >il>clla. Mike Ciarron. 
Chris Sturgis, Mike Cone )l lit id. Adam Gabrgjelski. Rob Rrindk: Kurt Hergeron. lonMuci lead. Brian 
Angelari. Chris Palmissano. Jim Jujugu. Stcre Sili'a. ion Dcsnx her 


IBcys' 9 Spring Traiclk 

The Boys' Spring Track Team left a 
record of 4-2, ending the season strong 
after a four game winning streak. 
Coach Joe Golec named Max Minaga 
Running MVP, Kofi Dwomoh Field 
MVP, and gave Tim Harrington the 
Coaches' Award. Captains were Larry 
Ellis, Joe Woekel, and Jeff Ferland. This 
team has a lot of young talent and high 
hopes for the future. 

j feffiA iffiB 

These senior guys are good athletes and 

On your mark. Get set. GO!! 

Scott Hell can he go any faster? 


(seniors) Larry Ellis. Jeff Ferland. Miguel Perez. Joe Woekel. and Eddie Orsini 

*™ ''Zjk^ > 

Sirls* Spring Track 

The Girls' Spring Track team had an 
outstanding season with a record of 6- 
2. Coach Brenda Clarke-Warne led the 
Rangers to take runner-up at the State 
meet and then to the All-State where 
they left as Champions. Kelly Kinneen 
and Diane Mowatt were Running MVPs 
and Audra Rouinski received Field 
MVP. All three girls also made All- 
Conference while Linda Baik, Patty- 
Ann Pollick, and Joy Conley were All- 

(seniors) Jamie Shamberger, Karen arifien. ( hristieFox, KatieMIIton, DlanneMowatt, lennDiBurro, 

Kelly Kinneen. Audra Roi'inski. Mimic Decahellis. I lekti I Hily 

Sports Camdlidls 

The touching camaraderie between team- 
mates Audra Rouinski & Patty-Ann Pollock. 

-i.m v ^■ • 

'I ill. • 

Dennis Dube concentrates with a look of pain. 


Spcrts Candids 

Sports lEaimqiuiot 

The Angels oj Mcnon 

When you highjump 
hurdle the boi 
rli/iij i/ frisbee 
rhrouj il < H Ji/ 
your angels fly 

when you fumbie a pass 
Strike out 
break a hone 
take a fall 

Surprised in mki-air. 
then droop Luings 
drop ro houei 
and /?(/ on with aflutter 
hm noi so high. 

/ leather SI Louis ica/ks ciLuay uj/fh a trophy and 
a smile. 

**ICiglttt New 


Can 1 stop running now?" 


Junior IPirom *9<S 

Don't make me beg! 

%L ,1 

Audra F. Abraham 
Ambition: To hopefully succeed in whatever l 

Int Club (1,2); DC Club (3,4); Field Hockey (I); 
Soccer (2,3.4); Spring Track (2,3) 

Dawn L Allen 

Eric M Alliene 

Mana L. AnctU 
Quote: 'Sever put off until tomorrow what 
you can do today.' 
Ambition: To become an architect. 
Class Pres. {1.2); Peer Leaders ( SERC 
11.2): int. Club (1.2.3): DC Club 12.3.41: Peer 
Mediator (4): Gymnastics ( Spring 
Track (2.3.41 

j "3T f*JT 

Nicole T. Angelone 
Quote: "Better late than never!' 
Saying: "Barbleri! Party my house!' 
DC. Club (3.4); VAC. (3.4); Int. Club (3); 
Drama Club (3); Peer Leaders (2); Lyceum (4); 
Debate Club (4); Chorus (2); AIDS Action Com. 
(4); Peer Med. (4) Sr. Class Play; MllllVanllli 

Stephen F Assad 

Football (4): Wrestling (4 Captain) 

Richard A. Aylxir 

Tracey F. \/jz 

Brenda M. Baglieri 
Quote: "Life life to the fullest.' 
Ambition: To become a child care provider. 
Child Den. J I 


Meghan E Bailey 
Ambition: To be abducted by aliens like 
Stacey Suliveras. 

Quote: "Anyone can have a dream, but one 
who lives that dream is one who lives for 
thetnself. " 

Band (1.2.3,4): Marching Band d. 2.3.4). Jazz 
Band (2.3.4); Music NHS (4); Visions Vol. (4); 
Yearbook (4); Lyceum (4) 

Jason C Barbteri 
"The Barbarian' 
Quote: "Better late than never' 
Saying: "Are you serious? Angelone. ill be 

Ambition: To become a physical therapist. 
Football ( Track (1.2.3): Skiing (1) 

Kevin F Barry 
.\mbition: To succeed in life. 
Baseball (1.2,4); Hockey H.2.3.41 

Sue-Ann Banose 

Amy S. Beaulieu 
Quote: "Sher-a-gas Hue onllf 
Ambition: To become a kindergarten teacher 
and to lead a happy and healthy life. 
Int. Club (1.2.3); Student Senate (I); Cheerlead- 
ing ( Captain); Sr. Class Plau 

EzA *i:*^M 

1 ' -* II 

■k ,>i •iw M\ 'J * 



V '.V. ,,;■:: - r Tj 


Lora A. Bedard 
Ambition: To be happy and always stay in 
touch with my friends. 

Jarrett P. Beeley 
"Uncle Fredo. Gerbil. Raoul" 
Quote: "If the going gets tough, remember the 

Melissa J. Bellandi 
Ambition: Tosucceedin whatever I choose to 
do in the future. 
Peer Leaders (2); DC Club (4); Softball (l) 

Melissa A Bellauance 
Ambition: To be a successful lawyer. 
Color Guard (1.2.3,4. Captain); Band (; 
Swimming (1.2); Track (1,2); Basketball (1.2) 

Shawn R Bellerose 
Saying: "What's up Cash Flo?" 
Ambition: To conquer every obstacle present- 
ed to me in life. 
Basketball (l); volleyball (1.2.4) 

Beth A. Bergeron 
Saying: "Cest la uiel" 

NHS (2.3.4); Int. Club (1.2); Peer Leaders (2): 
Lyceum (3); Volleyball (1.2) 

Anny E. Bemabel 

Antony M. Bemabel 
"The Bacano" 
Ambition: To become a music conductor 
Band (3.4). Basketball; Volleyball 

Jessica L Berube 
Saying "I didn't mean to be In your way." 
Blue & White (4): Lyceum (2.3.4): Swim team 
ID: Spring Track (li 

Amy E Btlapka 


Stacey A. Bloomquisi 

Sheri L Bohne 

Laurie A Bolduc 
Quote 'Immaturity is something you grow 
out of. youth is something you treasure ' 
Ambition. To be happy in whatever l do. 
Field Hockey 11.21 

Frank L Bona ill 
Saying: 'Get out of here — NOWT 
Science Club 14): DC. Club (4): SHS (4* Sr 
Class Play: Soccer (1.2) 

Amy J Boucher 
Quote: "The grand essentials of happiness 
are: something to do. something to love, and 
something to hope for" 
Class officer 12.3.4): Peer Leaders (1.2.3): 
G.L.E.C. (2.3.4) Homecoming; Basketball (I): 
Field Hockey (1.2.3) 

Patricia J Bout her 
mi I. ,ii ■ | j/c- is i/ic /irsr (/ill love is the st < ntxt 
and tun lerstant lint) ts'lhe third " 
Ambition To see into life — not just look urn i 
Field Hockey m 

Peter T. Boylan 
Cross Country ill Winter Track 11.2). Spring 

I rink 1 1 _'i 

Samuel \ Bragg 

\<iHila. Santa' 

Quote He who knocks down pins mu^, the 

i < < irk I ' 

Saying Epic proportions ' 

.■vnbiiion To be i>ery happy with myself. 

Band ti.2): Basketball (Ik Tennis a.2.3.4) 

Hl ^ i 

W i 

I A 


■J5. r- i 







:'s?C •■-: ■^■^■'■-■WLii^i; 

: ^^P? 

§253*4 . 

Leonard P. Breiron 
Quote: "lfmysic be the food we eat: play on/" 
Marching Band ( Drum Major): Jazz 
Band (1,2.3.4): Concert Band ( Sr. 
Class Play Band ( 

Caitlin Brown 

Emily A Broun 
Saying: ~lf you want to fly with the eagles, you 
can't hang with the sparrows' 
Int. Clubt2.4i: Peer Leaders (2): Sr ClassPlay: 
Cross Country 141: Spring Track 14) 

Beth A Brucato 
Quote 'Man cannot discover new I KXans un 
less he has the courage io lose sight of the 
shore " 

NHS (2.3.4 Secretary!: Field Hockey 1I.2.3.41: 
Gymnastics ti.2.3.4 Captaim 



Lisa A. Burroughs 

Brett J. Cagliuso 

Constance F. Caluo 


Ambition: To be happy and successful in 

whatever I do. but most of all to keep in touch 

with all my friends. 

William F. Cantwell 

Tiffany L. Cardone 

Ryan M. Carson 
NHS (3.4); Desktop Publishing (3.4); Blue & 
White (1,2.3.4 Edj. Int. Club (1.2); Skiing 

Yliana E. Castanos 

Jodi R. Cauarretta 
Ambition: To become a successful lawyer. 
Peer Leaders (2); Office Co-op (3); Work Co-op 


Keesha D. Chase 

David A. Chiola 
Quote: " . And then I ask myself . . will I 
ever forget her?' 
Ambition: Life 

Senate (1.2. V.P. 3. Pres. 4); Int. Club ( 
WARN. (4); DARE. (4); DC. Club (2.3.4); 
Peer Leaders (3.4). N.E.M.A.S.C. (4); SAC. 
(3.4); Track (I); Soccer (1. 2. 3): Wrestling(i.2.3.4 

Sangsun ChO 

David D. Clanclola 

I in: (■" 
S(ii/»i<; AV/xit Ziop/xvis, happen* 1 ' 
Amlxiion 7(i tuork fur the EPA and help 
clean the environment 
NHS (2.3.4): Tennis (1.2.4) 


Bryant P. Clark 
Ambition: To be successful. 
Band (1,2,3,4); Music NHS (2.3.4); Jazz Band 
(1,2,3,4); Concert Band (; Marching 
Band ( 

Shawna R Clark 
Quote: "Don't forget who your true friends 

Saying: "Two wrongs don't make a right' 
Ambition: To be what I accomplish to be. 
An Club (3); Softball (1.2 Cap. 3,4) 

William H Clark 111 

Kiistine S Collins 


Quote: 'Hakuna Matata' 

Ambirion To be my own person and travel 

the world. 

Peer Leaders (1.2): NHS (3,4): mt Club (3.4): 
Yearbook (4 Editor in-chief): Sr Class Play; 
Blue & White ( Girls State (3): An SHS 
(4): Field Hockey (1.2): Mngr. Girls Basketball 

Greta L. Condee 
Quote: "... bur / still love you. " 
Saying "What's up Baby? I could do the Junky 

Ambition: To be a radiologist & to marry M 

Colleen J. Conley 

Jennifer Cormier 
Quote 'In matters <>l style suim uiih the cur- 
rent, in matters oi principle stand like a rock ' 
Senate (4 sec I; \'HS (2.3.4 Treas.): Science 
Club (3.4): Class Sec. (1.2): Ski Team ( 
Cap.): Tennis ( Cap): Field Hockey 

Rebecca J Comellier 

Mandy M. Couture 
Quote: "Do what you feel is best for you.' 
Saying: Hold on to what is old. make room for 
what is new; mix the best of fhe old and hold 
on to what is true." 
Child Dev. ll 

Sydney J. Cox. Jr. 
Hockey (; Baseball (1.2) 

Kimberly J Crisante 
Saying: 'Later for you. clown!' 
Ambition: To graduate from college. 

Monique I Croieau 


Marcia A. Cruz 

Jeffrey P. DAgostino 

Michelle J. Dailey 

Elizabeth A. Daly 
Quote: 'Lead me not into temptation. I have 
already found the path myself" 
Saying: "it's much too early to be conscious. " 
int. Club (3): NHS (3.4): Cheerleading ( 

Heidi V. Daly 
Quote. "Life is all memory except for the one 
present moment that goes by so quickly you 
can hardly catch it going" 
Ambition: To be happyl 
Peer Leaders ( Field Hockey (1,2.3.4): 
Spring Track ( 

Kathryn E. Danahy 
Quote: "Good things come in small pack- 

Saying: "Who is that? Do you know them?" 
Ambition: To be tall. 

int. Club (2.3): G.L.E.C (4); Sr. Class Play: 
Cheerleading ( 

Amanda J. Daveta 

Erica L. Davis 
Ambition: To always keep in touch with my 
friends and lead a happy life. 

Jennifer l. DeBurro 
Quote: "1 believe because it is impossible." 
Ambition: To prove the person wrong who 
doubted me. 

Peer Leaders (1.3.4): DC. Club (3.4): VAC. 
(3.4): w.A.R.N. (4): Project Awareness (3.4): 
AIDS Action Com. (4): Peer Mediation (4): Int 
Club (4). Basketball (1,2): Softball (1.2): Track 
(3.4): Sr. Class Play 

Michele L. DeCoteau 
Saying: "Ya! You're cool!" 
Ambition: To become an architect. 
Gymnastics ( 

Jamie B. Decubellls 
Quote: "The future belongs to those who be- 
lieve in the beauty of their dreams." 
Ambition: Live for today: dream for tomor- 
row: team from yesterday. 
Peer Leaders ( Pres.): Yearbook (4): Int 
Club (1.2): Spring Track ( Captain). Win- 
ter Track (3.4). Basketball (1.2) 

Jeffrey R DeFrancesco 
Quote: "These were the worst of times, they 
were the best of times." 
saying. "Ah shut up." 
Ambition: TO become a history teacher. 
Sr. Class Play: Football ( Basketball 
(3.4): Hockey (2) 
















































mwmBitk ™ 

m^x i ■ ■ 















Denise M. Dellanno 
Quote: "If you are going to walk on thin ice 
you might as well dance ' 
Ambition: To be happy and hauefunl I want 
to go to Disney World. 
Peer Leaders (1,2,3). Int Club (1.2.3): Field 
Hockey (1.2.3): Ski Team (2): Spring Track (2) 

Deborah I DeLotto 

Jeffery M. Demers 

Lynn Marie Denis 
Quote: 'l don t feel good. I think I'm dying.' 
Ambition: To do the best of what I can in life. 
Peer Leaders tl.2i 

Daniel A. DIBella 
"Dan the Man' 
Saying: "It's not whether you win or lose, it's 
whether I win.' 

Peer Leaders (1.2): Sr. Class Play: Basketball 
(1.2): Baseball ( 

Hakan Dinler 

Jay R Dinsmore 

Joseph A DiPietro 






Robert R. Dube 

Kelley E. Duggan 
Quote "He who forgets will be destined to 

Ambition: To concentrate more on my future 
than on my past. 
Art NHS (4): Figure Skating Club (2) 

Kwasi V Dwomoh 
Quote: "Not only do / knock em down. I pick 
the round.' 

Saying: "Are you serious?' 
.\mbition: To be a good and successful per 
Soccer (2.3) 

Megan E. Eaton 


Kelly M. Ebert 

Lawrence M. Ellis 
Quote. 'Dare Greatly" 
Saying: "Nothing less than success." 
Ambition: To make the U.S. Olympic Track 

Indoor Track (2.3,4. Captain): Cross Country 
(3.4. Captain) 

Amy J. English 

Alberto Espinal 

Mateo Espinal 

Dave w. Fallon 
Lyceum (2.3.4): Science Club (4): Blue & white 


Andrea K. Fazio 
Quote: "The world is a comedy to those that 
think, a tragedy to those that feel." 
Saying: "Rock on." 
Field Hockey (2) 

Tina M. Fazio 
Quote: "L/ue every day as if it was your last. " 
Saying: "You're not going anywhere without 
a hug." 

Ambition: To have a career in the arts. 
Int. Club (1.2 Pres): Art NHS (3 Sec. 4 Treas.) 

Jeffrey L. Ferland 
Saying: "What the hell?" 
Ambition: To be the trainer for the Detroit 

Cross Country (2.3.4 Captain): Track (2.3): 
Skiing (l): Tennis (I) 

Michael J. Firth 

Maria Floho 
Quote: "You can't change the past, but you 
can ruin the present by worrying about the 
future. ' 

Int. Club (1. 4): Peer Leaders (2). Student Senate 
(2.3.4 Treas.): NHS (3.4). Spanish Nl IS 14}. Sr 
Class Play: Spring Track (I): Ski Team (2) 

Doreen J. Foucault 

Quote: "Helping others In turn helps yourself ' 
Saying "Its not my fault" 
Ambition: To be a legal secretary or an author 
of fiction books. 
Int. Club (4) 


Christie E. Fox 

Stephen M. Fox 

Kelly L. Francis 
Quote: "Obstacles are those frightful things 
we encounter when we take our minds off 
Ambition: To become a police officer 

Rachel L Freedman 
Peer Leaders (1.2.3): Int. Club 12.3.4}. S'HS 
12.3.4). Softball ( Skiing 12.4) 

Luis M. Freitas 
Quote. "It ain't over till it's over.' 
Saying: "Cool beans/" 

Jcxiie L. Furey 


Quote The hardest thing «> learn in life is 

which bridge to cross and which to bum' 

Saying. "Rock on' 

(hill I l)ev //. Haskell xill (1.2). Field Hi x key 

Patrick s Gallagher 
Quote: Td rather be a failure at something I 
enjoy, ihun a success at something I hate ' 
Peer Leaders tl.2) Musical tl. 2) (horus ill 
Visions Vol. ( 

Charles vv Gannon 

■ v P 


Bn ^^% 

; j 

A ■ 

X v 

RosannaA. Genao 
"(KE) (KE)" 
Quote: "Lucha contra el mundo en esta vida 
porque el mundo lucha contra ti." 
Saying: "You go girlir 


Ken A. Giovanni 
Quote: "Honest friends are true friends' 
Saying: "Shut up Ronnie!' 
Ambition: To become a famous fashion de 
Child Development II (4) 

Roland J Giuffre 
"Old Man' 
Quote: 'Fear what you see in the light, not 
what you don'r see in the darkness.' 
Saying: "Shut up Jeremy!' 
Ambition To make Stephen King look like Dr. 

Lyceum Editor (2.3.4): Blue & white 12.3). 
Yearbook Staff (4) 

Mandy E. Gomez 
Saying "Hey curie'" 

Ambition: To further my education and live a 
long healthy and happy life. 
Cheerleadmg (1.2.3): Co-op 13.4) 

Jess/ca Gonzalez 
Quote: "If you love something, set it free. If it 
comes back to you, it was always yours, if it 
doesn't come back to you, it was never yours 
to begin with. 

Int. Club (3,4): DC. Club (4); W.A.R.N. (4): Aids 
Action Com. (41: V.A.C. (4): Peer Leader 


TaniaA. Gonzalez 
Quote: "Don't lead me, I may not follow: don't 
walk behind me, 1 may not lead: just walk 
beside me and be my friend" 
Saying: "Yeah: whatever" 

Michael J. Grass; 
Quote: "People cannot walk over you if you 
don't lie down" 

Ambition: To enjoy life by living not just exist- 

Senate (; NHS (2,3.4); Basketball (l); 
Baseball (1.2,3.4, Captain) 

Heather Greenwood 
Saying: "Never let anyone stand in the way of 
your dreams. ' 

Ambition: To be happy and success in what- 
ever 1 do, and be happily married. 
Skiing (1,2,3.4, Captain) 

Daniel P. Grelle 

Jeffrey D. Grieco 
Quote: "Stay golden" (S.E. Hinton) 
Int. Club (2); Baseball (l); Football (3,4); Tennis 

Karen E. Griffin 
Saying: "You may not be responsible for 
being down, but you are responsible for gel- 
ting up." 

Peer Leaders (4); Softball (1.2); Cross Country 
(l); Winter Track (4); Spring Track (4) 

Kerri Ann Grillo 

Lisa J. Grogan 

"Grogan. Lefty" 
Quote: "The city has a face: the country a 
soul. " 

Saying: "Go Scraw' 
Ambition: To be a lawyer. 

Kathryn E. Guarini 
Quote: "This is the lime to remember cause it 
will not last forever. ' 
Saying: "Whaieverl" 

Danny R. Guerrero 

I a i ducrrcro 


Gina M. Hajjar 

Stephanie L. Hamel 
Ambition: To make up my mind 
Concert Band 11,2,3.4}: Marching Band (1.2}: 
Color Guard (3.4. Captain): Music N.H.S. 
( Pep Band (4). Int Club (4): Gymnas 
tics (1,2) 

Carrie A. Hamman 
Saying: 'Whoever thought up the expression 
sex. drugs, and rock and roll' obviously 
forgot about waffles. ' 

Marching Band ( Jazz Band (2.3.4): 
Pep Band (4): .N'.H.S. (2.3.4/. Music N.HS. 
(1.2.3 treas.. 4 sec): Peer Leaders (1.2.3): Soft- 
ball (1.2) 

Maureen Elizabeth Hanley 
Ambition. To live without regret or hesitation. 
Field Hockey (1.2i: Tennis a.2.3.4i: Peer Lead- 
ers (1): Art .NHS (41 

Keith M Harb 

Jeffrey M Hellman 
Saying: "As far as Methuen High School is 
concerned, I'm a household word.' 
GLEC (2.3.4. vlcepres): Int Club (3): Lyceum 
(2.3,4): Blue & White (3): N.H.S. (2.3.4): Drama 
Club (3): Science Club (4): Sr. Class Play: De- 
bate Club (41: Link (4): Basketball (1.2). Tennis 

Hairy H Hidalgo 

Holly H Higgtnbottom 
Quote: 'He's a u<easel baby, so whydoni you 
trap him!' 
int Club (3.4). Spanish s.H.s i4i..\nSHS i-*i 

George E. Hoegen. Jr. 

Kiet Hong 

Shauna J Hughes 

Tracy E Hunon 
Saying ~Donl start with me:' 
,\mbition: To be a marine biologist. 
Blue & white (3): Sr. Class Play 


Andrea T. lacono 
Quote. "Change the things you can change, 
deal with the things you can't' 
Saying: "No, bur listen!' 
Field Hockey (2,3) 

Christopher A. Incollingo 

Keyla Isabel 
Quote. "Don't judge a book by its cover' 
Saying: "Live and learn' 
Ambition: To be all 1 can. and the best at it. 
DC. Club (2.3.41: Art NHS. (2.3.4). Chorus 


Joshua A. Jordan 

James M. Jutras 

Michael T. Jutras 
Quote "Trust no one.' 
Saying: "Hold on. no. Wait a minute, no.' 
Volleyball ( Captain): Ski Team (2.3.4 

Joseph C. Kaczynski 
Quote: "If ignorance is bliss, wipe the smile off 
my face." 

Saying: "Have another one Bishop.' 
Ambition: Undecided 

Michael C.Y. Kam 
Quote: "it cant rain all the time.' 
Ambition: To purchase one of those leather 
massage chairs 

Int. club (2): Math Team (3): NHS (3.4. histo- 
rian): Tennis (2.3.4) 

Julie C. Karsmarski 

Kimberly L Keating 
Ambition: To become art elementary school 
Child Development II. Basketball (I) 

Kerry-Ann Keenan 
Ambition: To pursue a successful career In 
Elementary Education. 
Int. Club ( Lyceum (4): DC. Club 
12.3.4): Aids Action Com 14): I'eer Leader 14): 
V/skju.s Volunteer it. 41 Yearbook Mu/J >n 
Dance Club (3). French Academic Bowl (3.4) 

John F. Kennedy 
"Glno' "JFK' 
Quote May the force Ix 1 with you." 
Saying: "Perfect Is not good enough .' 
Ambition io work lor n^ui computer 


Jason D. Khalil 
Quote: "Ask not what Khalil can do for you 
but ask what you can do for Khalil' 
Saying: "Who's your Daddy!' 
Int. Club (1.2); Cross Country (2.3A. Captain), 
Spring Track (2,3.4): winter Track (2.3.4) 

Melante A. Ktier 
Quote: "The way to love anything is to realize 
that it might be lost' 
Saying: "Rock on. Cha. Chtng' 
Ambition: Coach college Softball 
Softball (1.2-4. Captain). Field Hockey 
( Basketball (l.2t: Track (3) 

Brooke K. LaCroix 

Darcy J. Ladd 
Quote. "Everyone deserues a fair chance in 

Ambition: To be the best at whatever I choose 
to be. 

Art NHS (3.4, Pres); G.L.E.C (4): DC. Club (4); 
DARE. (4); Aids Action Com. (4); Cheerlead- 
ing (I): Cross Country (2.3): Winter Track (2.3): 
Spring Track (2.3,4) 

Jeremy P Lakin 
Quote "Do I dare disturb the universeT 
Saying: "You should live and Ik- well' 
Ambition: To make more money than Ho 
TV (3); MCTV (3); Int. Club (3) 

Janice M LaTorre 
Quote "Music is the universal language of 

Saying: "Whateivr floats your boat' 
Ambition: To be a chiropractor or sound tech 
mi tun 

L yen H. Le 
Quote "The best inheritance a parent can gn<e 
to his children is a few minutes of his tune 
each day ' 
Ambition: To be a good doctor 

Sonia S. Leal 

Tara A. Lebel 
Quote: "it is never too late to be what you 
might have been. ' 
Ambition To teach young children. 
Child Development ll (4); An NHS (4); Tennis 
(, Captain); volleyball 0.2.3): Indoor 
Track (2) 

Sheilla M Lebron 
Quote: "But anyways' 
.Ambifion. To be a nurse on a tropical island 
Peer Leaders (2); D.C. Club (1); Int. Club ill: 
work Study (1) 

Shane M. Lemieux 


Paul A. Letoumeau, Jr. 

Tara R Lewandowski 
Ambition: To pursue a career in the medical 
Int. Club (1,2.3.4) Skiing (I) 

Paula C. Lister 
Quote: "Women fall in love through their ears 
and men through their eyes. " 
Ambition: To become a detective and marry 
Rob Adams. 
Child Development ll 

Timmy A. L'ltalien 

Salvatore LoMagno 

Kristen L. Longo 
Ambition: To do the best that 1 can do and be 
the best person I can be. 
Figure Skating Club (2.3.4): Int. Club (2,3.4): 
Dance Club (1,2.3): Drama Club (2,3): Student 
Senate (2.3): Yearbook (4): NHS (4): Tennis 

Binh Ly 
Quote: "Be inspired to walk ahead but always 
remember who and what's behind you" 

Margaret A. MacLellan 
Quote: "A life of service and integrity is more 
imponant than to grab what you can" 
int. Club (1.2,3,4, Officer): NHS (4): Peer 
Leaders (2): Band (1,2); volleyball (1,2,3.4); 
Softball (1,2,3.4); Winter Track (1.2) 

Joseph A. Macoul. Jr. 

Laura D. Mancini 
Quote. "Movin' right along, footloose and 
fancy free; I'm ready for the Bigtime. is it ready 
for me?" 

NHS (2.3,4); Music Honor Society (4); Blue & 
Qhile (2.3.4); Lyceum (2.3.4): Int. Club (4); 
Chorus (3.4); N.E.R.C. (3); W.A.R.N. (4) 

Fara M. Mansour 
Quote: "For where your treasure Is. there will 
heart be also. " 
Saying: "Rock on" 

Peer Leaders (; Field Hockey ( 
Captain): Basketball (1.2,3.4): Softball (l); 
Track (2.3.4) 

Kathleen A. Martinrau 


Erin J McCall 

Jennifer A McCarthy 
Quote: ~l am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have 
seen yesterday and I iove today. ' 
Saying: 'Rock on ' 

Field Hockey ( Captain}: Basketball 

Loh McCanhy 

Maura A. McCarthy 


Nell J. McCanhy 

Steuen D. McGlbbon 

KeUey McNeill 

Ambition To lice happily ever after 

Jacqueline Mendez 
Quote "Success is a journey, not a destina- 

Int Club (J. 2.3.4 Rep i: French NHS 14. Secre 
tanj): DC Club (2.3.4): Yearbook Staff (4): 
Field Hockey d.2i: French Academic Bowl 

Tara L. Merrow 
Saying: "One meets his destiny often on the 
road one takes to avoid it." 
Ambition To simply /ice life the way I choose. 
Peer Leaders (1.2): Int. Club ( Rep). 
Office Worker (3,4): Library Worker (2.3.4). 
DC. Club (4): Blue & White (4): W.A.R.N. (4) 
Cheerleading (1.2.3) 

Clio E Meurer 

Jennifer C. Michaud 
Saying: "Coolness ' 

Ambition: To attend college and start a busi- 

Michelle M Micnaud 
Ambition. To move somewhere where 
'snow' is not pan of the vocabulary. 
Band d.2.3.4): winter Guard (2): Amnesty In- 
ternational in 



Allyson M. Miller 
Ambition: To become a doctor. 
NHS (2.3.4): Spanish NHS (4) 

Jason Miller 

Katharine L. Milton 
Quote. 'In three words 1 can sum up every 
thing I've learned about life: It goes on." 
NHS (2.3.4. President): Int. Club ( 
SAC. (2). Girls' State (3). Basketball ( 
Field Hockey ( Spring Track ( 

Jennifer Minahan 

John A. Minassian 

Cori L. Miner 
Quote: "Talk's cheap." 
Saying: "Rock On. " 

Student Senate (2,3): SAC. (4). Field Hockey 
(2.3.4. Captain), Gymnasticsd. 2.3.4. Captain) 

Anthony J. Minicucci 

Dennis S. Moreau 

Maureen E. Morel 
"Kermil D' Frog" 
Quote: "To be or not to be ... " 
Saying: "1 don't hate. I dislike." 
Ambition: To succeed in whatever I do 

Erika Moreno 

DianneS. Mowatt 

James F. Mullen 
Ambition: To be a mechanic and race motor 


Michael A. Mustapha 

Timothy P Needham 

David P Nguyen 

Sinh H Nguyen 
Ambition: To be powerful by d/gniiy and 
An NHS (2.3.4) 

Nicole J. Noel 
Saying: "I don't feel like It." 
Ambition: I want to become a nurse and hat ie 
flue kids. 

Stephanie B .Vims 

David T OHeam 

Christine si Otivai 

oik He lis not u'/xji you got. buf what you 
gjue u Hint ilte life youchoose. lis the Iff e you 

In <• ■ 

Sr. Class Play \lilli VanUh i4i Int. Club <3i: 

Gymnastics 12.3.41 Skiini) ill 

Patrick J. O'Loughlin 
"Pat. OKV 
Ambition: To be happy and successful in 
whatever I do. 
Hockey (1.2.3,4) 


Eduardo Jose Orsini 
Saying: "Represent!" 

Ambition: To prove to the people thai have 
made my future limited, that I can go beyond 

DC. Club (2.3,4): int. Club (2.3.4): An NHS 
(3.4). G.L.E.C. (3.4): Spanish NHS (4) 

Elizabeth M ( isyood 
Quote: "Dont cut down a tree if it is a good 

shadow. • 
Saying: "Mellow' 
Chorus (3.4) 

Mil M < tuelletic 
Quote: "Today is the tomorrow you worried 
about yesterday ' 
Saying: "You lie like a fish.' 
Senaietl.2.3.4. \ Pi. mi Club(2.3.4):Sr Class 
Play. Mill) Vanilli J3.4J < heerleading 1I.2.3.4. 


Crissabelle M. Oualles 
"Cri" "Negrito" 
Quote: "Always expect the unexpected" 
Saying: "Don't fake the funk: just be yourself " 
Ambition: Receive my bachelor's degree and 
continue in graduate school. 
DC Club (2.3,4): Int. Club ( Indoor 
Track (1.2.3) 

Jessika L. Palmer 
Saying: "Do you have any gum?" 
Ambition: To be successful and happy 

Deborah J. Pappalardo 
Ambition: To become an elementary teacher 
and be rich 

Steven A. Parlatore 

Hitesh B. Patel 
"Max" "Rookie" 
Saying: "Shut up." 

Masumi P. Patel 
Quote: "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only 
to be understood. " 

Science Club (2.3.4 Pres): Int. Club (2.3.4). 
Senior Rep. (4): NHS (2.3.4): Spanish NHS (4): 
Tennis ( Soccer (2.3) 

WL 1 

Nikunj S. Patel 

Jessica L. Pearson 
Int. Club ( Field Hockey (1.2) 

Debbie A. Peixoto 
Quote: "The only true love is love at first sight: 
second sight dispels it." 
Ambition: Study early childhood education. 
Child Development II 

Nicole A. Pelletier 

Alicia Peralta Torres 
Quote: "How I love all the i <ery simple Ihll kj.s it i 

feet Leaders (4) 


Miguel G Perez 
The M/g" 
Quote: Class Quote 
Saying: "Do you dig The M/g?" 
Ambition: To at all times remain real 
Class Pres (3,4): Int Club ( DC Club 
(2.3,4): G.L.E.C. (3.4): AIDS Action Com. (4); 
WARN. (4): Peer Leaders ( Sr Class 
Play: V.A.C. (3.4): Student Council (4): Track 
(4): Science Club (3) 

Kristin M. Perillo 
Ambition: To be a physical therapist. 

Andrew J. Petisce 
Baseball ( Hockey (2.3.4) 

Joshua A. Pfeil 

Jenne M. Pierce 
Quote: "If we can save our oceans, we have a 
real chance of saving ourselves.' 
Peer Leaders (1.2. 3): Int. Club(1.2): NHS (2.3.4): 
Swimming (3.4 Captain): Field Hockey (1.2) 

Keith M Pierce 
Saying: "Please excuse me while I thrash.' 
Ambition: To be a rock star or Jedl master 
Art NHS (4): Skiing (3.4 Captain): Volleylxill 

Saying 'People are too apt to condemn in 

• <)»[-. r/ic i < m !/nn</s i/icg i/, i r/it*/7is<-ii o " 
Science Club (3): Tennis (2.3): Skiing (3.4) 

Jaclyn Potter 
Quote: 'Exit, drink, and be merry, for tomor 
row u>e d/e. " 
Saying: 'Rock on' 

Yearbook (4): G.L.E.C 14): Field Hockey a.4): 
Basketball tl.2): Softball (3.4) 

Shauna M. Privitera 
Quote: "Today's dreams, tomorrow's future " 
Ambition: To achieve to the highest of my 


Michael R Qualter 


Quote: "Dreams are the travels of the soul.' 

int. Club (3): Football (l.2.3.4Cap): Basketball 

( Spring Track ( 

Soreen A. Regal 
Quote. "These are the times to remember, 
cause they will not last forever.' 
Saying: "Pog no thoin" 
Figure Skating (1.2,3.4 treasurer): Peer 
Leaders tl.2): Int. Club (1,2.3.4) 

Christine L Reilly 
.\mbiuon: To cherish past memories, achieiv 
future goals, and live a happy, healthy, and 
successful life 

Int. Club (2.3.4): Dance Club (1.3): Science 
Club 12): NHS (2.3.4): Spanish S.H.S 141: Sr 
Class Play (4): Figure Skating ( Co- 
Captain). An SHS (4) 



Frederick M. FUccio 

Russell F. Riopelle 

Joaluin Rivera Martinez 
Quote: "Querer es poder. " 
Saying: "Gotta love me/" I'm the baby 
Ambition: To be a child psychologist 
Art NHS (4): Peer Mediator (4) 

Matthew Ft. Robitaille 

Kelley A. Robito 
Saying: "Clannies" 

Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do 
in life. 

Peer Leaders (1.2): Int. Club (l): NERC (2): Co- 
op Ed. (3.4): Coop Business (4): volleyball 
( Softball ( Indoor Track (2) 

Peter M. Rock 
"Rock Rock" 
Quote: "I'm so tired of what I hear: I'm so tired 
of what I fear: I can see the end. it is so clear. " 
Saying: "Hate rules!" 
Ambition: To not care. 
Band ( Music NHS (3.4 President): 
Baseball (l): Football (3): Ski Team ( 

Jennifer Rodriguez 

Sarah Ronsivalli 
Quote: "We are all afraid of truth, afraid of for- 
tune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other ' 

Peer Leaders (4): DC Club (4): Lyceum (4): An 
NHS (4): Gymnastics (2). Track (2.4) 

Joshua C. Rose 

Jeffrey A. Roukes. Jr. 
Quote: "I found it hard, it was hard to find, oh 
well, whatever, never mind ' (Kurt Cobain) 
Ambition: To survive life. 
Hockey ( Baseball ( 

Christine L Rousseau 
"Beanis" 'Stupid' 
Quote: "I'd rather sit on a pumpkin alone than 
be crowded on a velvet cushion. ' 
Saying "Don't touch my neck. ' 
Lyceum (4) D C Club (4): Peer Leaders (4): Sr 
Class Play 

Audra J Rovlnskl 
Quote: "Fear not for the future, weep not for 
the past ' (Shelley) 

Int. Club (1.2.3): NHS (2.3.4): Field Hockey 
( indoor b Outdoor Track ( Cap 


Mark J Ruggiero 
NHS (2,3.4 V.P.); Baseball (1.2,3,4 Captain); 
Basketball (1,2,3.4 Captain) 

Tanya A. Rule 

Melanie Russo 
Quote. "Lo que es mio. es mio y to que. es 
tuyo. es mio tambien: 
Student Senate (I): Science Club (1.2): Int Club 
(1.2). NHS (2.3.4); Spanish SHS 141: Figure 
Skating Club (I): Spring Track til. Ski Team 

Roberto Russo 
Saying 'Negative ' 
Ambition: Moneymaker 

1 «* f§ 





Roel Rynders 

Jason F Sanguedolce 
Ambition: Pharmacist 

Science Club (2.3.4): Int. Club ( DC. 
Club (3): Wrestling (2) 

Alex J Santiago 

Saying: "Oh oh Loco ' 

Ambition: To make mad loot and <>u;> 


Football (2.3): Spring Track (2.3) 

Aleen R Saraceno 
Quote 'Happiness lies in the joy of achieve 
meni 6 the thnll of creative effort: 
wars .4 I'resi: Peer Leaders (2.3.41. AIDS 
Action Com. (4): DC Club (2.3.4): Int Club 
U.2.3.41 \ At 1 1 4i. Peer Mediation i4i Blue 
B While (1.2 it sr < lass Play. Yearbook (Edi- 
tor-in-chief. 4): DARE i4i. Milh \unilli i4i. Musi 
Cdl (2.41. \TSI( l.Vs \ ( i/ (2 i 4i SERCll): Dance 
Club (3): Journalism iJi 

Jacob A. Scott 


Jami E. Shamberger 
Quote: "Never deprive someone of hope, it 
might be all they have. ' 
Saying: "How much difference does it make?' 
Ambition: To learn to 'get over it: 
Spanish NHS (3.4): Cross Country (2.3.4 Cap- 
tain): Winter Track (2.3): Spring Track a. 2.3,4) 

.\mie E. Sheehan 

James D. Shirton 
Quote. 'Come, as you are. as you were, as I 
want you to be" 
Saying. -That's Killer Diller ' 
Ambition: To be Dan Rather 
Journalism i4 Sports Editor). Eagle Tribune 
correspondent (4). Basketball ill: Track (2); 
Tennis n. 2.3.4) 


Alicia R. Sidlik 

Dina M. Silua 

Tony J. Simone 

Elizabeth A. Smith 

Heather L. Smith 
Saying: "Treat others as you want to be treat- 

Ambition: To go to college and become an 
elementary special ed. teacher 
Chorus 11,2.4): Art NHS 12.3.4): Peer Leaders 
(1): int. Club (1.2) 

Jennifer A. Smith 
Quote: The future belongs to those who be- 
lieue in the beauty of their dreams: 
Figure Skating Club ( Co-Captain). NHS 
(3.4): Peer Leaders (2.3.4) 

Leonard F. Smith 
'Ice man' 
Quote: 'Dude Hu. ' 
Saying: "1 am the great one. " 
Ambition: To make money. 
Football (1.2): Track (l) 

Timothy D. Smith 
Saying: 'Dude. I know: 

Timor/ny P. Smith 
Quote: 'To be great is to be misunderstood ' 

Ambition: To love and enjoy life. 
Senate (3.4). Football ( Captain): 
Basketball ( 

Thomas A. Spitalere 
Saying: "Strength comes from the hean. " 
Ambition: Political science. 
Band ( 

Heather St. Louis 

Alice M. Stanca 



\ 1 




Art NHS (2.3.4) 

Phillip D. Stella 

Megan M Stewart 

Elaine Y. Sturgis 
Quote: "A dream Is a wish your hean makes ' 
NHS (2.3.41: G.L.E.C (41: Peer Leaders (1.21: 
Int. Club (2.31: Yearbook (4): DARE 14). Blue & 
White (2): Lyceum (2.3.4) 

Stacey Lynn Suliveras 
Quote: 'If you can imagine it. you can achieve 
it: if you can dream It, you can become it.' 
Ambition: To Hue a healthy & prosperous life, 
int Clubll.2.3.4l:D.C. Club (4): Office Work (4): 
Yearbook (4): Sr Class Play: Musical (4): 
Spanish Academic Bowl (4) 

Trtna M. Tobacco 
Quote: "Its the soul afraid of dying that never 
learns to Hue." 

Ambition: To become a doctor. 
Band (I): Int. Club (2.3): Spanish NHS (4): Fall 
Cheerleadlng ( Captain): winter Cheer- 
leading ( Captain) 

Sharon M Tamess 

Christina M. Tavares 
Quote. 'Forget yesterday, live today, and 
don't worry about tomorrow.' 
Ambition. To be happy with life. 
Student Senate (4): Peer Leaders (4): Basket 
ball d.2.4): Softball tl.2.4): Field Hockey (1.2) 

Matthew J Terry 
Ambition: To remain unabsorbed by the 
nil is so 

Lyceum (2.3.4): Blue a White (2.3.41: Musical 
(2): Drama Club (3): Sr. Class Play. Peer Media 
Hon 1 4i. Debate Club (4 Pres.) 

Christopher M. Thomas 
Quote: "Better than sliced bread' 
Saying: "Why the long face?' 
Ambition: To own a business. 
NHS (2.3.4): int. Club (2.3): Hockey (1.2.3) 


Jason J. Thorn 

Stacia Tokowicz 
Quote: 'What lies behind us and what lies be 
fore us are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us.' 

Ambition. To accomplish my goals and 
An NHS 12.3.4): Chorus d.2.4) 

Kristy J Tridenti 


Mzi T. Truong 
NHS (3,4): Basketball (1,2) 

Tracy A.. Trussell 

Jenny Tucarella 

Kate E. Vaughan 
"Katie" "Voggin" 
Quote: "We are the music makers, and we are 
the dreamers of dreams." 
Ambition: To become a successful actress. 
Figure Skating Club (3): Int. Club (2.3.4): Blue 
& White (2.3.4). Lyceum (2.3.4): Chorus (3.4): 
Musical (1.2): NHS (2.3.4): Spanish NHS (4): Sr. 
Class Play: V.A.C. (3): Field Hockey (1,2) 

Daniel M. Vicente 

Dionne M. Waithe 

Jamie L. Wallace 
Quote: "Practice what you preach. " 
Saying: "I know how to get there." 
Ambition: To be tall. 
G.L.E.C (4): Int. Club (1,2,3): Skiing (2.3) 

Stephen H. Walsh 
Quote: "The Irish are fair people: they never 
speak well of one another." 
Saying: "Long as you have fun doin' it." 
Ambition: To make the world better 
Hockey (4) 

Ronald M. wante 

Jennifer M Webb 
Quote: "Always challenge yourself ' 
Saying: "l aim to please. ' 
Ambition. To someday figure out why some 
people are the way they are. 
G.L EC. (4): Int. Club (1.2.3): DC Club (2.3.4): 
Desktop Publishing (3.4). Homeccming 
Queen (4): Class V.P. (2.3.4): Skiing (2.3.4) 

Holly A. Weldon 

Hebekah A. Wesiroll 


Melanie A Willis 

Joseph L woekel 


Quote "When someone puis a limit on what 

they will do. they put a limit on what they can 


Ambition To be the best 
Peer Leaders (1,2); Student Senate (4). Year 
book (4); Football a. 2, 3.4); winter Track 
( Captain); Spring Track (2.3.4) 

Michael A. Yandell 
Quote The world is ours ' 
Saying: 'Hey!' 

Ambition: To become a marine biologist/ 

Science Club (1.3); An .VHS (4). Chess Club (li; 
Volleyball (1.3.4): Track (1.2.3): Soccer (2) 

Sabine M. Zalaket 

Lyudmila V. Zemlyakova 

Yeugeniya V. Zemlyakoua 

Dai-id E Zukofski 
Quote: 'Life Is like a box of chocolates, you 
Mci <v know what ya gonna get.' 
Ambition To be a rock star 

lidskcilxill Tennis i i 4> 

Fonest A. Ranger 
The Original Ranger' 
Ambition: To never be forgotten by all the 
students of MHS 

Quote: Truth. Honor. & Integnty' 
School mascot: All Clubs & Sports: President 
of the local ,\'RA chapter. 

Stiy §'eirii€irs 

Shannon Ayotte 
Robert E. Belair. Jr. 
Miosotis M. Brito 
Michael Concepcion 
Lynn-Marie Coppola 
James J. DiPaola 
Michelle Drouin 
Roberto R. George 
Noelle T. Grasso 
Sean K. Gregoire 
Steven Justin Gueli 
Amy L. Hardy 

Roman J. Jaskunas 
Ka-Wan Li 
Jason E. McKay 
Matthew \Y. Mical 
William T. Moore 
Cassie Morrill 
Russell A. Parolisi. Jr. 
Luis J. Rodriguez 
Ernest Sauary 
Tonia M Schroeder 
Jody Y. Towne 
William J. Trabucco 

Lori A. Waring 


Senior Prom *9<5 

**Hiese are tfie Days** 

Heather Smith glows, eagerly anticipating the 
magic of the night. 




These friends, Darcy Lodd. Liz Daly, and 
Maureen Hanley hat ie amazing fa/enf. bright 
minds, and dazzling beauty. 

WPtt^ l^Sf-i 

* # 

J*'^^ r V*- 

Hi - 9 J 

^1 V ^^^^^^1 

K. ^ 

^r r<uii 

r r tm 

Annie Fazio strides confidently in the Grand 

Amy Bilapka and Peter Boylan share their smiles 
and their love. 

"L'gh! Look at her dress! 

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein 
orders his troops to the border 
of oil-rich Kuwait. The U.S. 
sends 350 warplanes to the 
area to support the Kuwaiti 
forces. By October 11, Hussein 
orders the withdrawal of most 
of his forces. 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
calls out his poorly trained 
military to subdue a rebellion 
in Chechnya, a southern 
republic the size of 
Connecticut. Critics accuse 
Yeltsin of resorting to total- 
itarian methods of the old 
communist Soviet regime to 
keep the shaky Russian 
Federation unified. 

Europe's worst flood in this 
century kills at least 30 people 
across Europe. Inland floods 
caused by melting Alpine snow 
and relentless rains hit 
Belgium, France, Germany, 
and the Netherlands, whose 
famous dike system begins to 
crumble late in January 1995 in 
the face of rampaging rivers. 
Dutch authorities evacuate 
250,000 people from the 

Camilla Parker Bowles, 
allegedly Prince Charles' 
mistress, announces her 
divorce from her husband, 
Andrew Parker Bowles. 
Princess Diana is said to be 
negotiating a divorce from 
Charles, who will be free to 
remarry without giving up the 
throne— unless unhappy 
subjects force a referendum on 
the monarchy. 

More than 900 passengers die, 
140 are rescued when the 
Estonia, a 15,500-ton Baltic 
ferry sinks off the coast of 
Finland in a violent nighttime 
storm. The storm's 30-foot 
waves swamp the ship which 
lists and sinks in a matter of 

After a peasant 
uprising in Chiapas 
and two major 
political murders, Mexico 
gets a new president. 
Ernesto Zedillo, an 
economist, assumes office 
only to face a stockmarket 
crash, a ruined economy, 
and a loss of international 
confidence in the wake of 
the North American Free 
Trade Agreement. 

On July 25. U.S. 
President Bill Clinton 
welcomes King 
Hussein of Jordan, right, 
and Israeli Prime Minister 
Yitzhak Rabin to the 
White House, where the 
two sign a historic 
nonaggression pact that 
ends a 46-year state of 
belligerency between Israel 
and Jordan. 

Conservative religious 
groups and those who 
believe in individual 
rights clash over 
issues of education 
for women and family 
planning at the U.N. 
Conference on 
Population and 
Development in Cairo, 
Egypt, September 5. 

When their Army 
helicopter acciden- 
tally strays into North 
Korea in December. Chief 
Warrant Officers Bobby 
Wayne Hall and David 
Hilemon are shot down by 
the communists. Washington 
does not admit to espionage 
as the North Koreans want. 
but negotiates for survivor 
Bobby Halls release by 
expressing its sincere regret 
over the intrusion. 

Tipper Gore, wife of 
U.S. Vice President 
Al Gore, visits 
Rwandan refugee camps in 
Zaire in July. Thousands of 
refugees, fleeing ethnic 
conflict in Rwanda, die of 
cholera, dysentery, and other 
infectious diseases. Fresh 
water supplied by the United 
States military greatly 
reduces the number of 
cholera deaths. 

Palestine Liberation 
chairman Yasir Arafat 
returns to Palestine in July 
1994 after 27 years of exile in 
Tunisia. Arafat kisses the 
ground in the Gaza Strip, now 
a Palestinian autonomous 
zone under the terms of a 
1993 peace accord with 

Millions of South Africans travel weary hours and wait in 
mile-long lines to vote in the first all-race elections. 
After more than a century of white rule, the voters 
choose former political prisoner Nelson Mandela to preside 
over the dismantling of apartheid. 

Jimmy Carter, former 
U.S. president and 
self-styled global 
troubleshooter for 
peace, negotiates 
on behalf of the 
U.S. in Haiti, 
Bosnia, and North 
Korea. He even 
offers to help settle 
the baseball strike. 

In Japan, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 
collapses buildings, derails trains, buckles elevated 
expressways, and causes fires throughout the city of 
Kobe. Over 5,000 people are killed and 26,000 injured. The 
Japan quake occurs January 17, 1995, one year to the day 
after a quake devastated Los Angeles. 

U.S. President Bill 
Clinton, right, and 
British Prime Minister 
John Major take part in 
ceremonies in June 1994 at a 
military cemetery during the 
50th anniversary commem- 
oration of the Allied D-Day 
invasion of Europe, the event 
that sealed the fate of Nazi 
Germany during World War II. 

Chinese school children, dressed to look like Colonel 
Sanders, welcome the president of Kentucky Fried 
Chicken to Shanghai in May 1994. Few of the country's 
many foreign business ventures thrive, but KFC becomes a 
Chinese favorite. The finger-lickin' enterprise makes plans to 
expand its outlets from 28 to 200. 

A triumphant Jean- 
Bertrand Aristide 
reclaims his position 
as president and restores 
democracy to Haiti with the 
help of U.S. troops. Haiti 
had suffered under the rule 
of a military junta led by 
General Raoul Cedras, who 
goes into exile after 
reaching an agreement with 
U.S. mediators. 

In one of the most 
successful antiterrorist 
operations in aviation 
history, French commandos 
storm an Air France 
jet-liner and kill 
four Algerian 
hijackers, freeing 
the plane ' s 
173 passengers 
and crew. 

India suffers an 
outbreak of pneumonic 
plague, carried by 
flea-infested vermin. 
Workers in Bombay earn 
five rupees for each 
exterminated rat; one 
thousand rat-tails 
earns a color TV. 

Thousands of Cubans flee their economically depressed 
homeland, hoping for a better life in America. Many set 
off on homemade rafts and other small vessels only to 
be intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. The United States and 
Cuba reach an agreement in September that allows 20,000 
Cuban immigrants to enter the United States each year. 


In the wake of the 1994 Los 
Angeles earthquake and the 
southern California wildfires of 
1993, California experiences 
more natural disasters in 
January 1995 when rainstorms 
cause flooding that kills 11 
people and leaves 3,000 others 
homeless. Flooding is so high 
in Santa Barbara, fun-seeking 
teenagers dive off a freeway 
overpass into 15 feet of water. 
President Clinton declares 34 
counties federal disaster areas. 

In 1994, the U.S. registers a 
one-year population growth of 
2.7 million. One-third of the 
increase is due to immigration, 
the largest such influx since 

Author and humanities 
professor, Ralph Ellison, dies 
at age 80. His 1952 novel, 
Invisible Man, has been called 
the most powerful novel written 
about alienation, identity, and 
racism in America. 

A huge increase in killings by 
14- to 24-year-olds raises the 
nation's homicide rate, while 
violence blamed on preteens 
rocks communities nationwide. 
A boy, 13, is sentenced to life 
for strangling a four-year-old. 
In Chicago, an 11-year-old boy 
kills a 14-year-old girl and is 
then executed by his own gang. 
In Washington state a pair of 
12-year-olds shoot a migrant 

Called the Republican 
revolution, November 
mid-term elections put 
the Republican party 
and its anti-big 
government platform in 
control of Congress 
for the first time in 
4-0 years. Georgia's 
Newt Gingrich, author 
of the GOP's "Contract 
with America," is 
the new Speaker of 
the House. 

* S^ t _J*r 

^■M > aasl 1 winds whip the flames into a 

r ■ « 

^^ § ^^ § i 

eat, drought, and 
lightning combine to 
•set Western states 
ablaze in late June and July. 
Fires consume 2,000 acres 
in Colorado's South 
Canyon when 50 mile-an-hour 

firestorm, killing 14 specially 
trained firefighters; 10 men 
and four women. 

The volunteers 
for Silent March 
bring shoes from 
every state for one olthe 
quietest demonstrations to 
ever take place in 
Washington. DC. Each 
empty pair of shoes repre- 
sents one of the more than 
40,000 Americans who have 
been killed by handguns. 

The prosecution 
seeks the death 
penalty in the 
case of Susan Smith, 
who dupes the nation with 
a frightening tale of the 
abduction of her two little 
boys. The community's early 
support grows quickly to 
hatred when Smith 
confesses to murder — 
she sent her children to 
their deaths at the bottom 
of a lake. 

Despite powerful National Rifle 
Association lobby efforts, 
Congress passes a crime bill 
banning the sale of 19 types of 
assault weapons. The 
Brady Law goes 
into effect; in 
one month 23,610 
people with 
criminal records 
are denied the 
purchase of a handgun 


The U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration blasts 
the tobacco company 
executives at a 
congressional hearing 
in March 1994 for 
denying that nicotine, 
a drug found in 
cigarette smoke, is 
addictive. Tobacco 
industry workers fear 
losing their jobs if 
the FDA succeeds in 
classifying and 
restricting cigarettes 
as a drug. 

The Flint River overflows, washing coffins out of a Georgia 
cemetery after torrential rains from tropical storm Alberto 
flood Georgia and the Florida-Alabama panhandle. 
Thirty-two people die, 40,000 are temporarily homeless, and 
10,000 square miles are underwater, causing $100 million in 
crop damage. 

Former footbal I star 
O.J. Simpson is 
charged with the 
June 12th stabbing death of 
his ex-wife Nicole and her 
friend Ronald Goldman, 
causing a non-stop media 
avalanche. The 
sensational case famil- 
iarized watchers with 
spouse abuse, a tele- 
vised ride in a white 
Ford Bronco, "Kato" 
Kaelin, and DNA testing. 
Simpson faces the jury 
in January. 

A rare white buffalo 
named Miracle draws 
crowds to the humble 
Wisconsin farm where it was 
born August 20. Native 
Americans believe the calf is 
the fulfillment of a Lakota 
Sioux prophecy. Five hundred 
years ago, White Buffalo 
Woman told her people that 
she would return as a white 
calf to usher in a new age of 
harmony between all races 
of mankind. 

President Clinton, with 
Republican leader 
Bob Dole, signs 
legislation implementing the 
U.S. role in an expanded 
General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade (GATT), one of the 
most sweeping trade liberal- 
ization pacts in history. The 
legislation makes the U.S. a 
member of a new 125-member 
World Trade Organization. 
Protectionists worry that GATT 
may promote world trade but 
won't sufficiently protect 
American jobs. 

The Secret Service considers restricting public 
access to the White House after a gunman fires 27 
rounds at the building's facade in October. In 
September, a small Cessna airplane crashes on the 
South Lawn and comes to rest at the base of the 
White House below President Clinton's bedroom, 
killing the pilot. 

f I a s 

The U.S. Interior Department 
moves the bald eagle from its 
endangered species list to the 
less critical "threatened" 
category. The Pacific 
Northwest's spotted owl is left 
to fend for itself when in June a 
federal judge lifts the 1991 
injunction that halted logging in 
the owl's habitat. 

The fossil of a previously 
unknown dinosaur, the 25-foot- 
long Cryolophosaurus ellioti, is 
found in Antarctica. 

Despite a so-called fitness 
craze, the National Center for 
Health Statistics confirms the 
American overabundance of 
food combined with a 
sedentary lifestyle is creating 
an epidemic of obesity. Since 
1980, the number of over- 
weight adults has ballooned to 
one-third of the population, 
with an alarming increase 
among children. 

Some of the 599 newly 
revealed secret ingredients 
major cigarette-makers add to 
improve taste and texture: 
beeswax, butter, carrot oil, 
citronella oil, cocoa shells, 
corn silk, dandelion root 
extract, 31 chemicals that start 
with ethyl, oak chip oil, 
vinegar, and dimethyltetra- 

Three planets are discovered 
orbiting a pulsar star 3,000 
light-years away in the 
constellation Virgo. One is the 
size of the moon and two are 
three times more massive than 
Earth; all are rocky worlds 
without an atmosphere. 

NASA's space shuttle mission 64 tests the 
operations of a Simplified Aid For Extraveh 
Activity Rescue (SAFAR) device. Crew 
member Mark Lee maneuvers successfully 
outside the Discovery, while Carl Meade 
photographs him against the background of Earth. 

Martin Rodbell and 
Alfred Gilman are 
awarded the 1994- 
Nobel Prize in 
Physiology or 
Medicine for 
developing a 
model of cell 
communication ^_ 
that has ® ** 
medical implications 
from cholera to 

The Food and Drug 
institutes new food 
labeling on almost all foods 
in response to consumer 
protest against the many 
misleading claims of food 
producers. The new 
readable labels provide 
realistic serving sizes, list 
calories from fat, and allow 
you to compare different 
nutrient values. 

popularly known as 
Magic Eye. cause 
legions of people to stare 
cross-eyed for long periods 
I of time. Based on a mystery 
^Iji of neurology and 
3-D objects, pattern 
elements fuse into left-eye 
and right-eye images of a 
single hidden object which 
appears to be 

n Ethiopia, anthro- 
pologists discover the 
— L- skull of a human 
ancestor. Australopithecus 
ramidus. 4.4 million years 
old. The new species has 
features midway between 
apes and humans and 
promises to provide clues to 
still earlier evolutionary 

Japan's "Love Love 
Simulation" computer 
program allows 
couples to take a 
non-scientific look 
at future offspring 
by digitally 
combining their own 
photos to predict a 
child's appearance. 

Astronomers wait at every major telescope in the world 
to see the historic cosmic crack-up of the 21 big 
fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 as it smacks 
into the atmosphere of Jupiter at 134,000 miles an hour. 
Plumes of fire shoot up hundreds of miles, high enough to 
become visible to telescopes on Earth. 

Internet activity 
rises sharply as 
surfers find their 
way around the 
Advertisers , 
rock music 
reviewers , 
the worldly 
Voice of America, 
and others decide 
it's time to jump on 

barrier that froze 
Earth's atmosphere and 
killed the dinosaurs. 

A long-term study of radial keratotomy finds it generally 
safe and effective. For the nearsighted, tiny spokelike 
incisions into the eye improve focusing ability and 
eliminate the need for eyeglasses. The patient is awake for 
the procedure. 

A cave is found in southern France, full of 300 vivid 
paintings of woolly-haired rhinos, bears, mammoths, 
panthers, and owls made about 20,000 years ago. The 
Stone Age artists also left behind bear skulls, flint knives, 
footprints, and fireplaces. Experts call it the archaeological find 
of the century. 

One of Lake Superior's enduring mysteries is solved by scientists and marine historians who 
explore the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, an ore carrier that sank with its crew in a 1975 
storm. The ship, overused and in poor condition, was ripped apart by 90-mph winds and 
30-foot waves. Most of the 29 crewmen are entombed inside the wreckage, well preserved in the 
39° waters. 

The non-violent 
CD-ROM game Myst 
by Cyan, Inc. becomes 
a best-selling phenomenon, 
winning legions of devoted 
fans and spawning imitators. 
The fantasy-adventure's 
graphic visuals are hyper- 
real; the written word is the 
key to the mystery. 

Cutbacks in military spending force the U.S. Navy to 
reduce its elite 100-dolphin fleet trained for use in 
sonar research, mine sweeping, and underwater recov- 
ery. Too tame to be released in the open sea, the veterans of 
conflicts from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf retire to aquariums 
and water parks. 

The most popular names for 
newborns this year are Ashley 
and Michael. 

Young people serve their 
country by volunteering under 
a new program called 
AmeriCorps, where 20,000 
people aged 17 and up work 
with community-based 
organizations in exchange for 
$7,500 plus money toward 
college tuition or loans. 

One percent of the nation's 50 
million school-age children 
learn at home as families seek 
alternatives to public schools. 
In a handful of high-tech 
experiments, kids submit 
homework by modem, 
download books and artwork 
from the Internet, and 
collaborate on academic 
projects with other children 
around the world. 

A survey of college kids 
reveals their favorite sources 
of sugar and caffeine during 
all-night studying to be: 
powdered iced tea, peanut 
butter mixed with marsh- 
mallow cream, baby food, 
ramen noodles, raw cookie 
dough, and trail mix made 
from chocolate chips, graham 
cracker bits, and mini 

A lively new cafe society centers around 
the 5,000 gourmet cotfeeshops which 
spring up around the country. To the often 
young and trendy patrons, the social interaction is 
just as important as the espresso. Some cafes offer 
full-time Internet links so patrons can sip and chat 
with other Internet latte-drinkers. 

Besides recycled 
clothing like license- 
plate bustiers, 
bottle-cap jewelry, 
trash-bag and duct- 
tape dresses, fashion 
trends include the 
schoolgirl look with 
thigh-highs, and the 
look of long, straight 
hair and a goatee. 

Anew survey shows 
that over 12 million 
Americans are 
vegetarians, choosing 
the no-meat lifestyle 
because of concern 
about animal cruelty, 
cost-efficiency, eco- 
friendliness and/or 
improved health and 


Yoga, a Hindu system 

of stretching 

exercises for well- 
being, surges in 
popularity, mostly 
because the older 
generation seeks a 

technique for 

alleviating stress 

and finds yoga better 

than aerobics. 

Aerobic boxing, with boxing-style leg and arm work, turns 
out to be one of the year's hot exercise trends, showing 
up in workout studios and attracting those who want to 
work off their aggression by throwing a right and a few jabs. 

The hottest 
merchandise around 
is Mighty Morphin 
Power Rangers, so hot 
Cabbage Patch dolls pale in 
comparison. Parents criticize 
Fox's super-violent TV show, 
but their kids crave Dragon 
Daggers. Megazords, and 
the 4-foot. $230 battery 
powered car. "Go. go. Power 

A hot new collectible 
derives from an old 
household item. 
Milk caps, known in some 
regions as pogs, originally 
capped the bottles left by 
the milkman but have now 
gone funky with colorful 
printed designs and 
variations that are traded 
and used in games. 

Although most are 
forced to settle for 
Oakley wrap- 
arounds, stylin' kids, like 
in-line skaters and urban 
youth, clamor for Arnet's 
$80 Ravens with the silver- 
chrome frames. 

The first generation to 
ignore colas in favor 
of fruit drinks, today's 
young people give Snapple 
popular cult status. The 
trend breeds juice wars as 
Snapple imitators like 
Fruitopia vie for youth 
market shares and inundate 
the airwaves with Generation 
X-type advertising. 

Pope John Paul II 
authors Crossing the 
Threshold of Hope, a 
blend of theology, evangelizing 
and personal remininiscene. 
It becomes a best-seller in 35 

Remaining a virgin in the face of peer pressure finds new 
respect among teens who defend their freedom to forgo 
sex in a sex-crazy world. The movement is both a 
demand for real love and a reaction against unwanted 
pregnancy and health risks, since today one out of four kids are 
infected with sexually transmitted diseases by the age of 21. 

It's called "the year 
of the cottage 
industry" as more 
Americans adopt 
different work 
arrangements in 
response to corporate 
downsizing, either by 
telecommuting or 
starting businesses 
out of their homes. 

Kool-Aid makes a 
cheap hair-dye, an 
alternative to 
bleached hair with, say, 
Prizm Blue added for sheen. 
The "city fade" shaves the 
sides of your head and 
leaves the top longer, and 
the matted hair look is 
achieved by leaving the soap 
in and forgetting to comb. 


The designer pets of the year are African pigmy 
hedgehogs, and some 3,000 find homes with humans. 
They are gentle, like to be petted, and need a once-a- 
day feeding of pet food or mealworms. They don't smell and 
will even eat your roaches. 

John Travolta and Samuel L. 
Jackson star in Pulp Fiction, 
an "extravagantly demented 
low-life lalapalooza with 
outlandish twists." The film's 
plot revolves around a watch, 
a briefcase, and a large 
syringe in a darkly humorous 
scene which reportedly causes 
a few audience members with 
needle-phobia to fail out of 
their seats in revulsion. 

John Candy, the large and 
lovable star of films Splash, 
Cool Runnings, Home Alone, 
and many other family 
favorites, dies at the age of 
43. Whether Candy played 
jerks, slobs or loonies, his 
natural goodness came 
shining through. 

Life is like a box of chocolates,'' says its title character. 
Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, surprises everyone 
with its popularity, attributed to the audiences' thirst 
for the film's theme of simple values and good intentions. ^. 
Fascinating special effects place Gump into real news 
footage with U.S. presidents. 

Reality-based tele- 
vision programs rule 
the tube with "Cops," 
"American Detective," 
"FBI: The Untold 
Stories," "Top Cops," 
and "Rescue 911." 
"America's Most 
Wanted" and "Unsolved 
Mysteries" enlist 
_ viewers' help in 
tracking down 
. fugitives. 



1 very Tuesday 
night 20 million 
'homes tune into 
television's No. 1 show, 
starring comedian Tim 
Allen as Tim Taylor, the 
how-to host of "Tool 
Time," with his wife Jill and 
three kids. Fans love this 
funny real-life reflection of 
middle-class family life. 

Shameless prime-time 
soap opera "Melrose 
Place," co-starring 
Heather Locklear and Grant 
Show, attracts legions of 
fans with its silly-sensational 
plotlines and shallow-but- 
beautiful characters. Fans 
even buy the TV show's 
soundtrack and "MP" 

Tom Cruise bites as 
the elegantly evil 
vampire Lestat in the 
film based on Anne Rice's 
novel Interview With the 
Vampire. Brad Pitt costars in 
the story that's been a favorite 
with millions of readers for 
twenty years. 

Comedian Jim Carrey's career is s-s-smokin'. In The 
Mask, Carrey plays shy Stanley Ipkiss. who discovers 
that a mythical mask can turn him into a very cool 
green-faced cartoon-like dude. While waiting for sequels to 
The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Carrey fans enjoy 
current hit Dumb and Dumber. 

Comic Margaret Cho 
stars in the first all- 
Asian sitcom "All- 
American Girl." about a 
college girl who's not making 
enough money to move away 
from home and has to live 
with her rigidly traditional 
Korean immigrant parents. 


The animals aren't cuddly, but Disney's 32nd animated 
feature The Lion King is still a box-office smash and a 
sure classic. The story of a young lion, Simba, on the 
path to maturity combines five Tim Rice/Elton John songs with 
comedy that leaves audiences roaring. Just say "Hakuna 
matata," Swahili for "no worries." 

Living Single" is 
hailed as a New 
York City version of 
"Designing Women." The 
comedy is about four 
women who share a big 
apartment, and features 
Kim Fields and rap star 
Queen Latifah, whose quiet 
presence and dignity 
singles her out as a star. 


talented young Claire 
Danes stars as a 
— L. savvy 15-year-old 
confronting adolescent 
anxieties in the ABC 
television series "My So- 
Called Life," which receives 
critical acclaim. Danes also 
stars in the movie Little 
Women, with Winona Ryder. 


his year's Emmy for 
best comedy series 
-JL» goes to TV's "Frasier," 
the story of a radio psychi- 
atrist with a dysfunctional 
family. Star of the critical 
and main-stream hit, 
Kelsey Grammer 
dedicates his 
best-actor award 
to the dog "Eddie" 
whose off- 


name is 

After his villain in 
Shakespeare's Much 
Ado About Nothing 
and his title role in Bertolucci's 
Little Buddha, actor Keanu 
Reeves buffs up to play an 
action star in Speed, about a 
bomb and a runaway bus, 
one of the year's biggest box 
office hits. 

With the first female 
starship captain, TV's 
"Star Trek: Voyager" 
is the newest offshoot 
of the enduring Star 
Trek phenomenon, after 
"Deep Space Nine," 
"The Next Generation," 
and this year's full- 
length feature 
Star Trek: 
Generations . 

Although his action fans may prefer True Lies, Arnold 
Schwarzenegger, with co-star Danny DeVito, cracks up 
audiences in Junior, where the strongman plays a 
boringly-serious scientist who tests a fertility drug on himself, 
learns the joys of motherhood, and falls in love with the baby's 
mom, Emma Thompson. 



D| ::::::::JF 

3 • ■ ' 

!■ j"c 



""■ H 

1 d 



Baywatch," the world's most-watched syndicated TV 
show, is a feel-good action/adventure about a Malibu 
lifeguard, played by David Hasselhoff. Sunny beach 
scenes take the pressure off plot or character development. In 
tribute to its popularity, Mattel, Inc. creates Baywatch Barbie. 

Lou Gehrig's last day, Sandy Koufax on the mound, and 
Jackie Robinson's arrival are all part of the Ken Burns 
film "Baseball," an 18 1/2-hour historical mini-series on 
PBS. "Baseball" touches on American issues of race, labor, 
immigration, the role of women, urban renewal, popular media, 
and the nature of heroes and mythology. 

Hoop Dreams is a 
documentary about 
two young Chicago 
athletes who dream of 
playing in the NBA. Arthur 
Agee and William Gates 
soon realize the dream will 
have to come at the expense 
of everything else. Hoop 
Dreams offers as much 
drama, excitement, and 
emotional ups and downs 
as anything to come out of 


After their Woodstock '94 
performance scores them 
mass adulation and an 
onstage mudfight, punk-pop 
trio Green Day wins the title 
for this year's best new band. 
Their album Dookie, featuring 
"Basket Case," goes triple 

LPs make a comeback when 
major recording labels give in 
to pressure from artists and 
fans. New titles are released 
on vinyl, as well as CDs and 
tapes. Pronounced dead in the 
'80s, the revived 12-inch long- 
plays come complete with the 
art-covered sleeves and lyric- 
sheet inserts that make them 
collector's items. 

Liz Phair follows up Exile in 
Guyville with Whip-smart and 
songs like "Super Nova" and 
"Jealousy." Her music is said 
to be about self-parody, 
defensiveness, beautiful 
flaws, and cluelessness. 

Futuristic noise mavens Nine 
Inch Nails and singer Trent 
Reznor drive home a point 
with their "Closer" single and 
hit video, from their album 
The Downward Spiral. 

Mosh pit heroes Bad Religion 
get plenty of play with "21st 
Century Boy" and their album 
Stranger Than Fiction. 

Beastie Boys release their 
fourth hip-hop album /// 
Communication on the heels 
of their highly popular Check 
Your Head. 

Superunknown, a 70-minute, 
15-songopus, debutes at 
No.1 on the Billboard charts. 
Fans and critics say it's the 
best record of metal band 
Soundgarden's career. 

Music, moshing, and 
lots of mud define 
Woodstock '94. The 
25th anniversary of the 
original 1969 "summer of 
love" has ATMs, Pepsi, and 
'90s prices: $135 tickets and 
$4 hamburgers. After 
happily grooving to every- 
thing from Bob Dylan 
to Nine Inch Nails, 350,000 
fans depart peacefully. 

Singer Sheryl Crow hits 
paydirt with her debut 
album, Tuesday Night 
Music C/o// with the seedy- 
but-upbeat sounds of 
"Leaving Las Vegas" and 
"AIM Want to Do." 


odeci, two pairs of 
brothers whose funky 
ballads coined the 
term "Feenin'," bring gospel 
harmonies to their new 
album Diary of a Mad Band, 
which goes platinum. 

They dress alike and 
rule Motown 
seems like Boyz II 
Men only makes mega-hits. 
like "On Bended Knee" and 
"I'll Make Love to You." 
Their second album, //. goes 
straight to No. 1 on the R&B 

Pop-siren Janet 
Jackson's body 
language and lyrics 
draw large concert crowds 
to see her perform hits like 
"You Want This/70's Love 
Groove." Jackson wins an 
MTV Music Award for her 
video "If." 

Singer Vince Gill 
makes country music 
history by winning the 
Country Music Association's 
award for top male vocalist 
four years in a row. The CMA 
also awards him 1994 
Entertainer of the Year. 

eattle rock band Pearl Jam and front man Eddie Vedder 
I give youthful angst a good name as they rock hard with 
their third album, Vitalogy, considered their strongest yet. 

Nominated for best 
female vocalist, 
country singer Mary 
Chapin Carpenter croons at 
the Country Music Awards 
ceremony, but loses to Pam 
Tillis. Carpenter's album 
Stones in the Road tops the 
country charts. 

It's a year of hits for 
buzz band, Gin 
Blossoms. Their top- 
selling album New 
Miserable Experience, 
covers "Hey Jealousy," 
"Found Out About You," 
and "Until I Fall Away." 

Hailed as the crown 
prince of reggae, 
Buju Banton's album, 
Buju Banton: Voice of 
Jamaica, pumps the party 
with "Walk Like a 
Champion" and "Man a 

EMI Records releases 
Live at the BBC a 
two-disc set of radio 
concerts recorded by 
the Beatles in the 
early '60s. "Free as 
a Bird," an original 
unfinished track by 
the late John Lennon, 
is finished, mixed 
with the live voices 
of Paul, George, and 
Ringo, and included 
in the set. 

The rock-spectacle 
Rolling Stones tour, 
named after their 
album Voodoo Lounge, 
combines a light show, 
computer animation, video 
blowups, and gigantic 
inflatable props. Millions 
watch the Stones prance 
through their classic and 
current hits like "Love Is 
Strong." Voodoo Lounge 
becomes the highest 
grossing tour in history with 
$115 million in ticket sales. 




Dismissed as kiddie 
artists, three 12-year- 
old rappers who go by 
the name of Immature, get a 
new sound. Album Playtime 
Is Over and hits "Never Lie" 
and "Constantly" pump them 
up to stardom. 


/ ? 



Hit single "Cryin"' 
wins MTV's Video of 
the Year award for 
singer Steven Tyler and 
metal band Aerosmith, who 
ride a wave of success and 
release their new album 
Big Ones. 

The Canadian band 
Cowboy Junkies, 
whose big hit this 
year is "Sweet James," 
sings of isolation and 
despair on their latest album 
Pale Sun/Crescent Moon. 

Powered to the top 
with their pure pop 
sound, Swedish 
quartet Ace of Base tops the 
charts with The Sign. Their 
sound is a contagious blend 
of reggae-splashed pop 
known as "China Reggae." 

JMascis emerges as a 
prolific and versatile 
songwriter for the 
punk-rock band Dinosaur Jr. 
with "Outta Hand" and major 
hit "Feel the Pain," both on 
their latest album Without 
a Sound. 

Hffi - 


The Benedictine Monks 
of Santo Domingo de 
Silos release their 
CD, Chant . Heavy 
rotation on MTV ( 
turns the collection 
of ancient Gregorian 
chants into an un- 
expected best-seller. 


rish rock foursome, the Cranberries, tour the United 
States playing the sad, pretty melodies from their 
second hit album, No Need to Argue. 

jTi-- ■ 




* 1 

1 \/ 


Rappers with a self- 
reliant attitude, 
Salt-N-Pepa keep 
their Very Necessary vibe 
going this year with hits 
"Snoop" and "Whatta 
Man" which wins them, 
along with En Vogue, an 
MTV Music Award. 

Rapper Snoop Doggy 
Dogg's performance 
makes the movie 
soundtrack Above the Rim a 
best-seller. His video "It's a 
Doggy Dogg World," which 
reunites all the 70s black 
exploitation film stars, wins 
an MTV Music Award. 


Ranked No.1, the University of 
Nebraska Cornhuskers finish 
their unbeaten season by 
defeating the Miami Hurricanes 
to win the national title. 
Quarterback Tommie Frazier 
earns MVP honors by guiding 
the Huskers to two fourth- 
quarter touchdowns and a 
frenetic 24-17 victory- 

She was a pro at 13, a million- 
aire at 14, and out of the game 
at 17. After getting booked on 
charges of marijuana posses- 
sion, tennis star Jennifer 
Capriati enters a drug rehab 
program and makes a 
comeback in autumn where 
she plays well but loses her 
first-round match. 

Former Wimbledon champ 
Andre Agassi wins the 1994 
U.S. Open and beats cham- 
pion Pete Sampras at the 1995 
Australian Open. Called the 
most popular tennis player in 
the world, the tennis phenom 
has a new girlfriend, former 
model Brooke Shields. 

The National Hockey League 
plays only 48 of the 82 games 
in the season this year due to 
a lockout. Following 
baseball's example, hockey 
owners put salary caps on 
their players, who strike but 
lose out to the owner's rule. 

Track and field star Wilma 
Rudolph dies at the age of 54. 
The 20th of 22 children, she 
overcame polio, scarlet fever, 
and pneumonia to become a 
basketball star at 13, an 
Olympic bronze medalist at 16, 
and a winner of three gold 
medals in the 1960 Rome 

Pitchman George 
Foreman, 45, 
wearing the same 
red trunks he sported 
when he fought 
Muhammad Ali 20 years 
earlier, wins the world's 
heavyweight boxing title 
from Michael Moorer with a 
10th round knockout. 

In July. Miguel Indurain of Spain makes a triumphant 
entry on the Champs Elysees in Paris to win the 
Tour de France for the fourth straight time. He wins the 
3-week. 3.218 km contest easily, finishing five minutes. 39 
seconds ahead of the field. Greg LeMond. the only American to 
win the Tour de France three times, retires from racing because 
of health problems. 

On June 14, the New York Rangers defeat the Vancouver 
Canucks 3 to 2 in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup 
play-offs, winning the coveted hockey cup for the first 
> time in 54 years. 

The Centennial 
Olympics will be in 
Atlanta, Georgia in 
1996. The city will 
emphasize its 
multicultural aspects 
to honor athletes 
from around the 

Dara Torres-Gowen 
becomes the first 
Olympic swimmer to 
model swimsuits in the 
Sports Illustrated annual 
swimsuit issue. Gold- 
medalist Torres-Gowen's 
sporty looks break the 
"waifs and glamazons" 
mold dictated by fashion. 

Pans are openly angry when a dispute between players 
and team owners over salary caps and other issues 
threatens to shut down baseball. A work stoppage 
begins on August 12, and no World Series is played for the first 
time since 1904. 

Tonya Harding, barred 
for life from organized 
skating for obstructing 
justice in the investigation 
of an assault on Nancy 
Kerrigan, is offered $2 million 
by the All Japan Women's 
Pro Wrestling Association to 
wrestle as a baddie. 

In Super 

Bowl XXIX 

in Miami, 

the San 


4-9ers beat the 

San Diego Chargers 

4-9-26, in their 

record-breaking fifth 

Super Bowl win. 

Quarterback Steve 

Young passes for a 

record six touchdowns 

to win most valuable 


After 52 wins, four 
PPG Cup titles, and 
$10 million in 
earnings, Indycar champion 
Mario Andretti races for the 
final time in his 31-year 
career. The four-time 
Indianapolis 500 champion 
retires in October 1994. 

Ernie Els wins the 
1994 U.S. Open golf 
tournament in sudden- 
death playoff. The 
U.S. women's golf 
team, led by Dottie 

Mochrie, beats 

Europe for the 1994- 
Solheim Cup. 


orld Cup soccer 
comes to the U.S. 
for the first time: 
24 teams play 52 World 
Cup games in nine cities 
to 3,567,415 fans, 
culminating in a title 
match between Brazil and 
Italy. EarliertheU.S. 
upset Colombia, but lost 
to the Brazilian team, who 
went on to win the cup. 


Supreme Court Justice Harry 
Blackmun, 85, who wrote the 
majority opinion in Roe v. 
Wade, the landmark 1973 case 
that guaranteed a woman's 
legal right to abortion, 
announces his retirement from 
the court after 24 years. 

The Charles and Diana fairy- 
continues: A German news- 
paper prints nude photos of 
Prince Charles; he publishes a 
confession saying lie never 
loved his wife. Princess Diana 
is suspected of making crank 
phone calls; an old friend who 
claims to be her ex-lover hawks 
a trashy kiss-and-tell book. 

Tabitha the cat spends 12 days 
and 32,000 miles in the fuse- 
lage of a Tower Air 747 jet when 
she escapes her cat carrier and 
gets lost in the cargo hold. 
Tabitha makes television 
appearances after her rescue 
with her aspiring-actress owner. 
Tabitha lost two pounds during 
the ordeal, her owner lost six. 

The Florida judge would not 
allow Paul Hill to use justi- 
fiable homicide as a defense 
in the shootings of Dr. John 
Britton and his bodyguard 
outside a Pensacola abortion 
clinic. Hill is found guilty of 
murder in the first degree. 

Anna Paquin, 11, wins an 
Academy Award for her 
performance in The Piano. 
Says actor Gene Hackman, 
"I guess now you'll have no 
trouble getting cast in your 
school play." 

Ronald Reagan, 83, 
announces he is in 
the early stages of 
Alzheimer's disease, which 
will cause him to rely 
increasingly on wife Nancy. 
Doctors say the easy-going 
ex-president should be able 
to function normally for 
several more years. 

Despite hurled 
obscenities and 
death threats, 
Shannon Faulkner, 19, 
battles the all-male Citadel 
for the right to become the 
first female cadet in the 
152-year history of the 
state-supported South 
Carolina military school. 

Nelson Mandela, 
an international 
hero who won the 
Nobel Peace Prize, writes 
his story. Long Walk to 
Freedom: The 
Autobiography of Nelson 
Mandela covers the author's 
27 years as a political 
prisoner, his release, and 
black Africans struggle for 

Sending a worthy 
message to pageant- 
watchers, Heather 
Whitestone, a deaf Alabama 
college junior who works 
with handicapped kids, is 
crowned 1994 Miss America 
by her predecessor 
Kimberly Aiken. 

In Singapore, 
American teenager 
Michael Fay is 
convicted of vandalism and 
publicly caned four times by 
a martial arts master, despite 
pleas from his family and 
President Clinton. 

Applying his new 
fame to good works, 
actor Antonio 
Banderas, of Philadelphia 
and Interview With the 
Vampire, spends a week on 
a goodwill mission helping 
UNICEF draw attention to 
wartorn Somalia. 



artoonist Gary Larson announces that he will retire 
The Far Side, a feature that began in 1978 and has 
appeared in 1.500 newspapers. 



Why- C?»ry. you'ue 4/xop hod the 
^povier to $> home.' JUst close your eyes. 
quacK three times. a*4 th.nk to yourself 
" There's no place i-ke home, theirs 
no place l-Ke home- 

Former basketball 
superstar Michael 
Jordan improves 
his game for the Arizona 
Scottsdale Scorpions, a 
minor-league baseball 
team. He still has no plans 
to return to the hoops. 

In about the most 
surprising event of 
the year, Michael 
Jackson weds Elvis' daugh- 
ter, Lisa Marie Presley in a 
secret ceremony, May 1994. 
Journalists wonder if the 
union isn't a business 
arrangement or an attempt 
to polish Michael's public 
image, tarnished by claims 
of child molestation. 

Scruffy movie idol 
Johnny Depp and 
wispy model Kate 
Moss have a headline- 
making lovers quarrel. Depp 
is arrested for trashing the 
couple's hotel room. 

Model Cindy Crawford 
and actor Richard 
Gere, dubbed the 
world's sexiest couple, 
announce their separation. 
Hollywood books Crawford 
for her first movie. 

Printed in U.S.A. ©1995 Joslens, Inc. and World Book 
95-047 (#2156) 

Japanese earthquake cover pholo credit: AP/Wide World 
Newt Gingrich cover photo credit: Robert Visser. Sygma 

■t^Ls U™ U 



L*>v 2**wP 

ft Wpf^ti ft 

I j 

■ Eft ft&ilfl ft 


2i ft ft 
J] 1 

4i '^T 

~*^^^r ^^tdfl 

Nicest Smile 

Kriston Longo and Mike Brassi 

I got lost in your oyos 

find I fool my spirits rise 

And soar like the wind 

Is this lovo that I am in? 

I got weak in a glance. 

Isn't this what's called romance? 

And when I iirst knew 

Was when I iirst looked at yon 

AS as 1 , • .•' *? * 
Farformad by Debbie Gibson 

Nicest Eyes 

Maureen Banle; aid 


Class Storytellers 

Mel Slier and Jake Scott 

hi friends are friends forever 
If the Lord's the Lord of then 
Id! a friend will not saj never 
'Cuz the welcome will not end 
Though it's hard to let yon go 
In the Father's hands we know 
That a lifetime's not too long 
To live as friends 

Performed by Micheal W. Sm 


flleen Saraceno and Tin Smith 

Host School Spirit 

Jen Difinrro and Eddie Orsini 



Most Talkative 

Brett Caglinso and Katie Milton 

Should have told yon by now 
Bnt I can't lind the words 
II I conli show yon somehow 
Bnt I don't have the nerve 
Ton don't see me looking at yon 
Bow conld love he so hlind 
Somehow yon don't notice me 
Sooner or later there will come a 

by Brian Bowe & Terry Thomas 


Doreen Foncanlt and Keith Bare 



Most Likely to Succeed 

Einneen and Mike Earn 

Teachers' Pets 

Tommy SpitaJere and Nicole 


Host Talented 

Elaine Stnrgis and Seith Pierce 

Best Friends 

Tanya Bule and Christie Foz 

So no one told yon life was going to 

Yonr job's a joke 

Ton'ro broke, 

Tonr love life's DOS 

It's like yon're always stnck in 

second gear 
When it hasn't been yonr day, 
Tonr week, 
Tonr month, 
Or even yonr year 
Bnt, I'll bo there for yon 
When yonr rain starts to ponr 
I'll be there for yon 
Like I've been there before 
I'll be there for yon 
'Canso yon're there for me too. 
— Theme song from "Friends" 
By The Bembrandts 




Best Friends 

Tim Smith and Mike Qnalter 




Class Clowns 

Jason Khalil and Lanrie Boldnc 

Mr. and Hiss attitude 

Jody Towne and Josh Rose 


Cupid's Conple 

Mike Qnalter and Blaine Stnrgis 

If I never knew yon 
If I never felt this love 
I would have no inkling of 
Bow precious life can be 
find if I never held yon 
I wonld never have a cine 
Bow, at last, I found in yon 
The missing part of me 

If I never knew yon 
I'd he safe bnt half as real 
Never knowing I could feel 
fi love so strong and true 

I'm so grateful to yon 

I'd have lived my whole life through 

Lost forever 

If I never knew yon 

Performed by Jon Secada & Shanice 
From 'Pocahontas' 


Matt and Jell 

Josh Plflil and Christina Tavares 

We go together like Bamalamalama 

Together lorever like Shabopshawadawada 
Yippideo boom de boom 
Ghang-chang, chang-adee, chang shn bop 
We'll always be together 
Wa-ooo TEfiH! 

.V y L f ^ J' J « V f l v 

Mutt and Jeff 

Tanya Bole and Jeff D'Agostino 



Jr. IProim *9»4 

(below) A time to remember; Jen Wel)b 
McCarthy look radiant at the prom. 

and Lori 

< M*J 

j^m 3^n 

fj ^ t\ 


A giddy Kerry-Ann and nen<ous Ryan Cars 
pose for family pictures. 



jove) Homecoming Queen Jenn 
zbb and her court, Amy Boucher, 
bine Zaleket, and Cori Miner. 


She walks in beauty, like the night 
Of cloudless climes and starry skies; 
And all that's best of dark and bright 
Meet in her aspect and her eyes; 
Thus mellowed to that tender light 
Which heaven to gaudy day denies. 

One shade the more, one ray the less. 
Had half impaired the nameless grace 
Which waves in every raven tree, 
Or softly lightens serenely sweet 

How pure, how dear their dweling 


And on that cheek, and o'ver that 

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, 
The smiles that win, the tints that 

But tell of days in goodness spent, 
A mind at peace without below, 
A heart whose love is innocent! 

— Lord Byron 

(above) Former Queen Suzan Beauregard 
passes on the crown to the new Queen, the 
lovely Jennifer Webb. 



"Gee. it seems we've been here an awful long rime'. 


iy future's so bright, I gotto wear shades 

I'm ton sexy for this school. 


Captain Fantastic 1 


The Cast 
(In order of appearance) 

Penelope Mayberry Ermry Brovm 

Agnes GridaV Amy Bcaubeu 


Bradford leifrev Hcllman 

(Ink Blot) 

Abby K/uien Lonto 

Baranc JillOudlcnc 

(□cctra Woman) 

Waldo PuppybrcauV Frank "B<»idy" Boot 

(Capuan Fantastic) 

Refina Jenrarcr DcBuno 

Ms Cuager lji*»M*nara 

(Panther Lady) 

Mr Bip Michael Gratsi 

{ Swimp Creature ) 

Cone Convoy Kronne Cctuns 


Yvonne ChnsOne Rousseau 

Rstso Finkle Maahew Terry 

(Rat Man) 

Brano Jama Bedey 

(Rat Fink) 

Otp. .Nicole Angdonc 

(Rat Fink) 

Verarnca Van Dazzle Darcy Ladd 

Mrs Mayberty Sarah RonsrvalB 

Mrs Potter Kale Vaoghaa 

Coach McGdhcwry Miguel Perez 

{Officer McGunaray) 

School None Stasia Tokowicz 

Rat Hole Gob Patrons Seajey Subveras. ChnsOne ReuTy. 

Sucia Tokowicz. Sl Enrat 

Good Cheerleaders Trina Tobacco. Mana Ancol 

Evil Cheokar«m Kaw Danafay. Christy Otiven 


"Hey Bradford — where's your pen?" 

Senior Class Play 

("Caissons Go Rolling Along") 













Senior Awards Niglit 

Bryant Clark receives an award /raj 
Savory that he definitely earned and dese\ 


Honors IBaiiriqiuiet 

Wr m 




^B fl 

Derm Kohain gives an inspirational speech while 

■\ )-Ann Bergeron proudly receives her tassle 
4 recognition for her hard work and dedica- 

s,s, Be True to your Sotiool 




" >V 

Annie, ger your gun" 

'A/fer riie season rhey had. you Chink r/it 


Class Day Speech 

When I found out I had to give a speech on class day, 

I thought to myself, what the hell am I gonna say? 

I won't talk about the future, you'll be hearing plenty about that, 

I'll try not to be too boring, so you won't start to chat. 

I finally decided to talk about things that have happened in the past, 

mention a few incidents, make the memories last. 

The first thing I remembered was the Milli Vanilli, 

people dancing, singing, and acting really silly. 

The girls' basketball team's striking rendition of Pink Floyd's The Wall, 

and Mark Ruggiero's tribute to Michael Jackson, glove and all. 

Another memorable moment of our senior year, 

was when the hypnotist made his annual visit, drawing great cheer. 

Under hypnosis were Laurie Bolduc and Amy Boucher, 

Laurie, tell us the truth, did you fake your way? 

Jay Khalil surprised all with his half time flex, 

i taking off his shirt showing off those lebanese pecks. 

The class play was a hit, though the crowds weren't large, 

with Buddy and Emily leading the charge. 

The Model U.N. made some of us think, government we don't need ya, 

especially Russ Riopelle and his own rules of procedure. 

Mr. Methuen, who can forget it, 

When Chris Incollingo was awarded no credit. 

Not to say that Miguel's act wasn't deservin' 

I mean what good is a contest if Miguel doesn't win. 

The prom gave us memories that surely will last, 

a night to remember when we think of then past. 

And how about the flowers, florists sell those, 

but wasn't Cori Miner surprised when she got Miguel's rose. 

Enough of the jokes, I just have one serious thing to say, 

Good luck in the future, and have fun along the way. 

By Mike Grassi 



As we entered the hallowed halls of Methuen High School during the fall of 1991, little did u 
know that the people we were bumping into in the hallway would soon be more than classmate 
they would be leaders, scholars, and athletes, but most importantly, friends. 

We elected Maria Anctil as President, Naomi Letendre as Vice President, Jen Cormier as Se 
retary, and Jenne Pierce as Treasurer to lead us through our rough and trying first year. We left o\ 
academic issues in the hands of our Senate members, so that we could concentrate on upholdir 
the winning traditions of Ranger sports . . . because "HUT, HUT, HUT, we give it all we go 
Meghan Stewart, Michelle Dailey, and Christina Tauares all earned positions on the girls' uarsi 
basketball team, while Jeff Roukes, Brett Cagliuso, and Dave O'Hearn helped the hockey tea 
glide to the semifinals in the state tournament, and we aren't talking about telling theZamboni gi 
he missed a spot. 

Before we knew it, freshman year was over and done, without any of the anticipated catc 
trophes. As President, Maria Anctil and her cabinet consisting of Jen Webb, Jen Cormier. andJarr 
Wallace paved the way for our sophomore year. The year was highlighted by academic, athlet 
and disciplinary achievements. Buddy Bona, Beth Brucato, Brett Cagliuso. Dave Cianciolo. J< 
Cormier, Maria Florio, Rachel Freeman, Mike Grassi, Mike Kam, Laura Mancini, Allyson Milh 
Katie Milton, Jenne Pierce, Christine Reilly, Audra Rovinski, Mark Ruggiero, Mel Russo. Jem 
Smith, Tim Smith, Elaine Sturgis, Mzi Truong, and Kate Vaughan were all introduced into theS 
tional Honor Society. 

It was also an outstanding year, athletically. Mike Qualter and Tim Smith helped thefootb 
team attain a Super Bowl championship. Field hockey, and volleyball were still in the rebuildh 
years. The cross country teams gave it their best despite few particpants. The girls' indoor tra 
team won the small school championship while the boys just missed by one loss. The cjh 
basketball team won the MVC, while the boys were less fortunate. However, Josh Pfeil and Mc 
Ruggiero were bright spots for the team. Mark Ruggiero's dazzling performances carried over' 
baseball where he was an All-Star. Mike Grassi joined Mark as another pitcher on the team. T 
girls' track team was undefeated and won the MVC, as well as / ylacing second in the Class A Stc i 

Then the pressure started to mount during junior year between SAT's, college, and the prom. \\ 
decided Miguel Perez would be our new leader, along with Jen Webb as Vice President, E(k 
Orsini as secretary, and Amy Boucher as Treasurer. Beth Ann Bergeron. Kristin Collins, and I 
Daly joined us in services for the National Honor Society. 

Football maintained a winning record, and the golf team was a force to be reckoned wi 
Although the boys' volleyball team struggled. Sangsun ( ;/ x ) and Mike Jutras shined on the con 
Field hockey qualified for the state tournament for the first time in approximately a decade. T 
girls' track team won the small school title for the second year in a row. The boys' tennis tec 
came from nowhere to obtain a 16-2 record with the help of Dave Zukofski, John Minassian. a 
Neil McCarthy. 

The night of the prom was a memorable one. Besides the dressing up, picti tre taking, and dai 
ing, there was also the mediocre dinner and the obnoxious music. But we all moved on. 

Senior year. There were no changes in our class officers, however, Katie Milton assumed i 
presidency of the National Honor Society. Mark Ruggiero was vice president, Beth Brucato w 
secretary, Jen Cormier was treasurer, and Mike Kam was historian. Dave Chiola was elected 
lead the "senators". 

At the annual Homecoming game. Jen Webb walked away with the crown. Her court consisi 
of Cori Miner, Sabine Zalaket, and Amy Boucher. 
Although some of the records do not show it, our class possessed some of the greatest athlet 
Unfortunately for Tim Smith, and the rest of the football team, he missed most of the season dut 
a knee injury. Mike Qualter was the lone Ranger All-Conference player, while Dennis Moreau, Rii 
Riopelle, and Jake Scott also had strong seasons. Dan Grelle capped off his career with the socT 
MVP for the second year in a row. Kelly Kinneen and Dianne Mowatt earned All-Confereri 
honors in leading the girls' volleyball team to the third round of the state tournament. Field hock\ 



ad an outstanding season, losing in the third round of the state tournament. Seniors Fara Man- 
jur, Heather St.Louis (who broke the school scoring record), and Audra Rouinski all earned 
ague recognition, while Cori Miner. Jen McCarthy, Jackie Potter, and Mel Klier also played impor- 
\nt roles in the team's success. 

This was a monumental year in MHS athletics. For the first time there was a girls' varsity soccer 
am, on which Audra Abraham participated. Emily Brown was the role model for the girls' cross 
ountry team, while Larry Ellis, Jeff Ferland, and Jason Khalil improved the boys' cross country 
am drastically. 

Senior athletes also shined during the winter months. Brett Cagliuso broke the 100 point barrier 
i hockey with the help of All-Conference selection Dave O'Hearn, Jeff Roukes, Andy Petisce, Dan 
relle, Pat O'Loughlin, Billy Cantwell, Syd Cox, Bobby. Dube, Steve McGibbon, Kevin Barry, and 
ay Dinsmore. Captains Mark Ruggiero and Josh Pfeil led the boys' basketball team to a second 
] ace tie in the MVC, while Josh Rose picked up his game to be the Most improved Player. It's also 
afe to say that their success was aided by the vivacious spirit of senior cheerleaders Amy 
eaulieu, Jill Ouellette, Trina Tabacco, Liz Daly, Nicole Pelletier, and Katy Danahy. Unfortunately, 
\e girls' basketball team couldn't quite climb over the Hillies as they ran into Haverhill again this 
ear. Dianne Mowatt, Kelly Kinneen, Megan Stewart, Heather St.Louis, Michelle Dailey, Katie 
ilton and Fara Mansour were the heart and soul of the team. Christina Tavares was welcomed 
ack after her "vacation". The boys' track team was led by Larry Ellis, Joe Woekel, Jay Khalil, Jake 
cott, and Jeff Ferland. The girls' track team could not find it in them to threepeat. Captain Audra 
ovinski was an All-Conference selection for the second year in a row and won the Class A State 
eet in the high jump. It was an emotional season for the gymnastics team as seniors Cori Miner, 
aria Anctil, Chrissy Oliveri, Beth Brucato, and Michelle DeCoteau departed after an excellen t year, 
ave Chiola, Neil McCarthy, and Steve Assad were area forces in the wrestling scene. Un- 
ortunately, a few individual seasons ended on controversial calls. 

Our senior year was also highlighted by two successful bloodmobiles, in which many mem- 
Ers of the class came together to aid the community. 

1 The baseball season possessed a few hard-luck losses despite pitching aces Mike Grassi and 
'ark Ruggiero, who were both named MVC All-Stars. Outfielders Danny DiBella and Andy Petisce 
ontributed when they could, which was more than Russ Riopelle was allowed. The Softball team 
\ad a tremendous season behind the hitting of Mel Klier, Tracey Aziz, and Michelle Dailey, thefield- 
<\g of Jackie Potter, Heather St. Louis, and Maggie MacLellan, and the pitching of Rachel Freed- 
oan. This year was the girls' tennis team's turn to improve under captains Jen Cormier and Tar a 
ebel, while the boys' team again fared well. The boys' track team showed courage and strength, 
cquiring a winning record. Larry Ellis stood our in the distances, along with Jeff Ferland, who 
nould be out training for the New York City marathon. The girls' track team is still enjoying a great 
eason. Captains Audra Rovinski and Kelly Kinneen, along with Dianne Mowatt, won their third 

wraight conference titles and each captured individual Class A State Meet titles. Captain Jamie 

vecubellis injured herself in the conference meet. Seniors Heidi Daly, Jann DeBurro, Christy Fox, 

iumi Shamberger, and Fara Mansour added depth to the team. 

| Miguel Perez strutted his way to the Mr. Methuen crown over the other extremely deserving can- 
idates. Among them were Jay Barbieri, Buddy Bona, Chris Incollingo, Jay Khalil, Eddie Orsini, 
eith Pierce, Mike Qualter, Jeff Roukes, Jay Royston, Mark Ruggiero, Alex Santiago, and Tim 

i The senior class play was yet another "fantastic" performance by many Oscar-deserving actors 
ind actresses. 

i That just about brings us to the present. Our teachers and administrators found it fit to award us 
ms "week-o-fun" for all the aforementioned scholastic and athletic achievements. Included was 
ne senior awards night, the honors banquet, graduation practice, and a pizza party. It's too much 
or us to handle in one week. 

I June 2nd will close this chapter in our autobiographies and force us to move on to college or 
)ork, but for now we can relish in the memories of our wonderful accomplishments, both in aca- 
emics and athletics. We take with us our life-long friendships and the ideals of a very special, very 
nique class. 




JeffRoukes receives a good luck hug from 1 1 
McCall before the ceremony. 



''Ttie Giraidluiaite' 9 * 



Co-Editors in Chief: Aleen Soroceno & 

Kristine Collins 
Art Editor: Meghan Bailey 
Photography and Copy Editor. Elaine 

Layout and Design Editor: Roland 

Business Editor: Stacey Suliueras 
Head Type Setter. Jackie Mendez 
Staff: Kerry-Ann Keenan 

Nicole Angelone 

Jamie DeCubellis 

Jackie Potter 

Kristen Longo 

Jason Khalil 

joe Woekel 

(left to right) Nicole. Roland. Aleen. Kerry-Ann. Jackie. Meghan. 
Jason. Elaine. Stacey. Kristine. Kristen 





Hilllli Vaiiriiilllii 


The 2nd Annual Milli Vanilli lip-sync con- 
test was a complete success this year. The 
show was a collaboration that united stu- 
dents and allowed them to display their 
unique ideas and talented choreography 
while raising money for the girls' basketball 
team. The team opened the show with a 
hilarious act to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". 
The senior girls, led by Laurie Bolduc and 
Jamie Decubellis performed "Summer Lov- 
in" from Grease while the cheerleaders 
stood up and demanded "Respect". Other 
highlights were Matt Howshan and the 
Beastie Boys, Doreen Famam thrashing to 
Nirvana, and a finale by the boys' basketball 
team with Vanilla ice/Michael Jackson 
number. Dave Chiola took home first prize 
with his amusing performance of Dirty 
Dancing's "The Time of my Life." 

Mrs. Krusell and Mrs. Leuesque eagerly an- 
nounced the contestants, just as the anxious 
giddy teen-age girls did in the crowd. 

"Summer Lovin' had me a blast. Summer Lovin' happened so fast. Met a girl, crazy for me. \ 
boy, cute as can be. Summer dreams drifted away, but oh. those summer nights' 


Saturday Night Live 



Aidls IDaiirce-A'-Tiiciri 


Hanrdlii Girais 

Mr. Sestini poses as Caesar: "ET tu. Brute? 


tK' . ^^Kr 


Dianne Mowatt . . . or is it Whoopi? 

Jeff Hellman. with Jarrett Beeley as Captain 


Student/readier Volleyball 

Little Christina Tovores serves big competition 

Mr. Robs and Mr. .\ngelari cheer after scorin 


f "aggie MacLellon smiles. Is she a 
3od witch or a bad witch? 

What do you mean it's duck season!" 


"Here II So Again 



^ t** 

^^^^^VW ''^^^^^■■^^■i 

"i knou; if's up fhere, somewhere!" 

'You shou/c/.see /loir long r/ie iiu/r.s are i;i h/s 
p nose/" 

l-uiure career. Mel?' 

"Hey! who covered up my nude picture!' 



Stupid is ais stupid dices'" 

Hr. Metlliuieiri 


The 3rd Annual Mr. Methuen Contest 
took place on May 11, 1995. The pro- 
gram consisted of a Legs, Talent, and 
Strut Competition. The Senior guys 
coordinated hilarious skits and creative 
struts that left the audience cheering for 
more. Dane Chiola and Jay Barbeiri 
placed 2nd and 1st runners up, re- 
spectively, while Miguel Perez stole the 
Grand Prize and the hearts of the girls in 
the crowd. 

Dave Chiola and Laurie Boulduc sing of their 
"endless love. " 


Jay Khalil on stage . . . without a clue. 

Keith Pierce beats on the drums in time to the 
pounding hearts of all the girls ogling him. 



1 , 

• 1, 

Jeff Roukes and pal Rocky show off their sexy 



d found tnanu of our fowner classmates on ~wdVdv as Aaving been, involved in the largest arrest in Aisfory . fcric Sd/iette , Jja mie Wallace, JKivr, 
lorisan/e, Sdntanda zDavi/d, Wrica zDavis, ^die/issa doeUandi, dooo zVaoe, dim dj'dta/ten, daraA dx&nsivaUi, dteatAer and dlix. dmilA ,Jluu* 
', z/ eter cltocA, ^/ihMzrtovitaille, wlixaoelA Osgood, /feffl/rieco, Wrin ^/tcxoall, and //red dxiccio , wAo wem once adamant ud/outers ofdu 
'ra/efu/zDead and tAe Violent Jw»»i«), are now fououting the teaeAings of a ra/Aer ro/iusl genttenten referred to as Cric the c/ia/f-a-doee in an altemfi 
to ma/ce the cold and unfeeling, vars of the Worcester ioountu (oorveclional d'aciufy feel -move Aovney. //Ae reheated ideas of attorneys at taut, Srda 
ijl£o4<eno,Jfodi toavarettd, andd/da i/rogan seem to nave fatten en deaf eon of /justice ^Alet dx/ier wAose h/acard reads, "//Ais ii my court and \j wilt ' dt 
ad d h/ease: ~wAad£>Aingl" dAew were (fronted a format harden Au mayor i7<y« djfii/d/ere a?ia 'are focusing their efforts on campaigning /or Ai 
re-election wi/A running rna/e/pessi/M c/a/mer for- tAefoUowing year. Sdrres/ed on cAarges of drifting with intent to endanger Aama/ns,Jvlant life, larg, 
AricA oui/aingi, and sAin/y silver gadgets were d^raeey. dtutto'n and //uaaizDwomoA. l/fusn gradaatt/ng from traffic school, ooth intend to liursue career. I 
i/n the tra^tor-traMer industry. Sdrrested on charges ofvandausnv were_jaso^i ._, flitter, ^ ((ana /rlorio, ^Atai //ruong , ._ llasumi //ate/ dins vc//in^ 
doecAy. ioornellier, and dnane dJemieua;. dAe hosse ofsorfo was arrested after a ra?nhage ofho-rA Ay-linsducts and fvre came to an end. Sis iAe was leai 
awoyu Ay oati/fs Sdlicia dia/iA, //tacAel d^reedman, and d-aurie ^Ic/oarlAy, sAe screamed, "dt Aahfvened to me, it should Aahhen to you, too/'t 

d naltAened to Ae watching the tele when d found more of our classmates, in the evening neuts a delate Aetween h residential candidates /Oe/ii 
doergeron, dVicole SUngelone, and \dara ^/llerroui. S/Hhromise Audget reforms, increases <n shendt/ng for education, and free cars to the ant /((,((* 
votes they, each receive. ^d/a/cing an atiAearance in clioston. were fe/loat ice caiiaders d\nsHn dlongo, d\e//y Ji-uggan , , \oreen //\ega/,(enny . / mitA 
and^ArisHne dxei//u in a touching trioute to desame dtreet entitled ". futfhhels in S'/mOiauous XyielationsJiihs ". Cn ^tus I were JKettA /lierce, J av j 
^er^nandex., and wddie (Jrsini. ^Ineir land, "J/'ve i/ofd/ou>^Cegs " , is oaslring in the gtoru oftneir latest m/moer one Ait, "J/JLiAe va/ce " oil of fAi-tr triAl i 
tuati/nwm atttunv "J/'m a .jltMnuerfocA and Jim l/lcayu" . ^lAeu are engaging in a ulestiile encrusted in t/te rttmtrrm > f nine, women, song and realli/ 
rea/lywaluz#il&.SdlsofoiMMiQtlieyyl{& t/nhlaaged ^ilieciat iyoiltiolinton and^Lenny cliretton rlnttlaggsd ./-/./■ -Ifler zl a rA" ( . 

~\DAannel 7, tAe new ta/A sAvui "^Life deems ■Jottu J/iotten, Simerica " ii Aosted Ay Sitnerica 's favorite talA duo _/ oreen uroucaalt and \ Keith < itaro. ( • 
their s/vou> today, were ^/teltu Jxinneen, ^Hicnelte -I aileu, _/ ianne . lloaiatt, XzAfistina ^vavares and, llegan ^Stewart introducing fAetr latest (uj^lti 
' \JA^^yneayning. ot \ulife: JAe*ynAnU'(c>A<ronicleS " . J/Aey ayre currently Aard at wo rA on a segue/ entitled "JteJihing ( »er tAe Jf'oul di ne : J/Ae _/ ruqAnit 
^JAroutina J/ncident of 35" ^JAeir sAoui rehlaced tAe one oy Aos/s . r 'lleen . taracenc and, fugue/ zl erex . Jliut not to toorry for /kM Aane found tix-rl 
Sdleen is currently iiluuing the rote of sat/cu red-Aatred men Jl eg J/Jundy to Jason . hAalil s ■ ' II in their Ait 'sitcom ' 'ct at J ou>n If/our JOrC'tAer , .if, 
zDon 'tJKmow TrAere die's cloeen " . ^fliauet Aas since ioined the order oi the , Hare-. KrisAnas . If you desire to ' -' <g tAi . llt</ you may do so simfily o 
going to an air/iort near you., ate cwn lie easily shotted as tAe suia mi wearing f/» toga, </ luime, and wielding a tdvmAourine an/A recAless a/andon. C . 
wAannel u3 was a iierforntance oy tAe virgae de Jrromage, Aeaded Ay lion fu/nrr <i nil former lit rate /aura _/ raAc . llancini . .In its second ring wer 
clowns i/)an zDiAeUa, dLaurie clooA/uc, and J enise [/ el/a no, as we// as trahexe artists . liana S*nctu, (in . llimr, CAnSSy < /men, and , /sett 
c/orucato. Oa/ on weeAend furu>uo. A is /fay , Killer in tAe tAi rd ring nutA Ais im/iersiniilii ns of" former c/ussma/e //)re// v ag/iuso . duA sAiti entit/i 
'/oo/orado dcAoo/ for tAe ^ Hinds" and ' J/ou dcruA" are cer/am/y crowd hteasers. 

J/Aere a^re sHU tAoSe wAo Aaae returned to , ((did to mo/d tAe minds ot l/n future antA game sAoui trinia . fk rosier fhostu re , etiguel/e , and , r /d Dance- 
ct /acement 'X&a/ca/us sucA as dlisa c/oa^rougAs, S&nvy /Oeaa/ieu, //ara ./LeAe/, de/due d eiro/o.jloa/tun /nioera , .Aerry-, r -'/nn .Aeenan . and .Kit 

cAornter ^dielAuenites Jpodie c/areu, Sdnnie 'draxio.Jfody douine, [Xionne II aitln . . /iffan u < an/one. , /(and// vom* ; . <i nd J/acAie d oiler Aai 
devoted. 'tAeir /i/ves to Ae/hing tAose wAo are anderhonerisAed , /ess ftohu/a r , and/io/ie/ess/y out if jli//c . II itA tAeir tools of 'denim , gold lame, andself'-c^ 
tAey wi/l res/o-re fasAion sense and Aolte o/ tAese deshera/e soa/s. z/n&U wit/ uegin tAeir traiwls wi/A tAe dcace lorfhs on //aesday. lie//, Jr must It ■, 
now. daA . 




£une> /, 2010 

jfcuAt&andAdh^iwAfecn/toariny Surofie tAiis/feast montA/or- our- Aoneynzoon'. Gurfdst; aest/nation' umzs< ~,4£dan- udere aw attendea 'a 
zsAion/sAout-.^Aedj1^(jart^, ( ^amie/0ecuAeA^S', d&esAa (jAuise, and^iA ' Ouedetteutcrea'Auton/tAi^ranxzayy, asa>asQ)aoe (jAioAo 
adur'&jpzining. ■ arefeitaticwas/tA^nea>-&aAHO~. £dAey modeAea 'cAdAuny Ay tofeyusAion desiynera SAara ^fiansour-, tfAeyAa AAsaAtede, 
nd^eAriffiooanni. tfTbe^Aair-AadAetuAemitifuA^sty/ed adio-Auzoe/ust recently oftened, tAieiroivn- 

a/on& catering to- ffloAAyoood stars. 

WAdesuwuyer&efyoynytn^AHd^A^ utcmet dAristine' (jodmsy and ' jfiAel 'dlusso-, udu^ uservfArtiny uHtAtAia matadors. 

Adaraaacd jtJdt&taana/t^yadetyin/A$z^ caorAs Ay die taAented 

\fteyAan- GftaiAey, Q)arcy%add,SeanjAjreaoir€', jfluAa^l (jonc^cian/, Stacia ■ddoAuuuiC'Z, Jf£aure&v dlanAey, i^ina SAa/zio-, andJ\7coA 

^lA^e^uum/u^/m^uA^UHtAour-oAA/nend, dtoeA dlynders, usAo- inoitea 'us- to- Aun^Ai untA SArencA aynAmsMuA>rs, Jessica iSearson 

jfddi&andAdcn^eredon'OuroAdfruyids^^ati WeAA, < Afamie Wallace, 

^HatAer- AAreenioood, ( ^^0[^'(yostino-, jffliA&^utras, and (jAr*& (£odocA ^daced in every/ race* and ftroudA/. reA>resented tAe> AA.J. 

AAgfoAtunateAy, A?m/n/>tcuut&aS[jy>odasAiera&tAieu/are/andAa^ udide Adreci/Aeratedfrorn my 

i kiiny accident at tAe- uHtrAAyamauS' Aos/tHtal uv ffeneaay. AduniS/eaxzminedAy/renoamea 'doctors*, ^rtna ■ tTaAacca, l/yen, dv. ye ; and 
viAAfsori/jfytdAer, u>Ade nurses/ Kristin/ ($erdAo-, J\2coA&JVoeA>, SAeida ^eAron, Adreta (jondec, and a oerybreynant (jArtstina tdaoares/ 
: Tred/or-mc. < WAiA& AA uhis tAere/, A7 read ' dtoAmd AAuyAre's new- Atestseder, £7Aie SAroy on tAe day and jftfatt ^erry'& neat- tArdAer-, 
Weconybosiny (jomAfosers/. 

&LwistAu>u^Ad*nven/0yinymysefi jftlJetAiueny. <55> it true tAat, dtyan (jarsou made tAeyront fatye oftAe jfletAuiea/ 

\ ournaA, ofaducAAeiS' mho- trie <Safeor- e yvr-crasrur^Aus<airAda^ (ABoyAan'sAouse? Adreadirt/tAe Rafters AxretAat 

lorett (jayAuso-, ( AfaA&<Scotf>, Adinadlayar, and \Aiidrea Adacorw- enterea f a dAoAy Order-, taAiny a scdemn oouhofsdence and cAasuty . . . 

I£72m/<SmitA/, a>.A/.a/. tA&"'dleddlanyed ', i&oer^fiofiaA^iri<(Surofeiri/nAsnea^cor^ Woodsy (9ud. Afrimrricscouajwrat- 

y uHtA <SmoAey tAe QSear-upa^ew- ^dmerican to-serieS', too-. AdA)oAi^foAuMrdtaseeiny tAt ' neio- episodes yA Q$aywatcA andtAcneio- 
°sierationo/ : lKU>e&, tidanya dluAe, CAristi&Sroa>, ^ara^ewandotosAi, ^imy (jBoucAer-, tAony jfUnniaicAi, aadQ)ai/e> (9- 'AAtearn. J^iffi 
iouAesa>rot&nt&tAatAc, dluss> dtioftede, and(ABidy 3artfuK^UMdAKseenorbJ%lAd~Vin/atrHAHU^ta^\ 
3% dummy. Afurant to- Ate Aiom& to- see tAuzt/ 
Wed, Q^udd/., tAat's- aAAyor- mxa. Adioe my reaards> to- (^roadumy/ 

<SArine> J2ua/ter 


De*% U%, 

f\leti+t kfj&htJ. il^ct we U<tt iaw eye A**etic\. f itot tic LuM+$ \etc I* ^eA^wAy '* l*<U4t ****U*l ilt "C*fUi+> f*hlA*tic". (\c- 

CC*yfA^yl^ **C 1+. til* fact Ml Ptfolok QtUUfitA; KaXc \JAi^U^, Jt^ \\tll*>4+>, \C*Xy X)*+*h}, QiwAl+4. RfiUSMCA**, Jt+* D*&**U>, AtJ 

(\i\#Mxccti*i^i***^tA^ci^vii& \c**t^4^*.\N*t4tLt**M^)(yy.y\ 

<iUwih$ *e**c «{ ewi, le*»*A. d*4*t**tt4- lit {fl*it *yMci WM tettAUf ttA*y. Ile*vet4 ItUutcy. hltll "lie Itfvul+w*' McQ.A>diy, Jed- "llhy" 
J&JU+., &JL Ucvt "M\. Hutdc" A+vJ. AfAlhtt f\U& "lie H*n*tt" $A44lAfe, J Ay "lie 5*^*vw**." %A^llc\l, AyJ J Ay "Metexcyclt" MciUy. 1U 
itcc+JL licit MIM to It tie *h*4t icAteJ c{ aUL teXwcch- KaXIc "lie Metji" MliXe*-. AyJ (\<JaA- "HtlfA" Z.evl*~pLl v/lXi ifccUl \c\fACt CAfUlh 
U**^,wi* I* *m>w tic */edJ't lifted H*f^^ \c**^tUt*it+^+*mY*IL''+. 

tl*t*C to *tt ^'itt At*h*<*hCt\, Jtfil J)t\pA+Ot4CO \*Xttih$ eft tit ilflilltifo \jO\ tic /*y. fit tie tef. O^ il* M^tyX *IA\ tit 1CC\t c^ d-lovt l* Ul 

«^W **^Atci el tie US Of*** ^edttU*. lie l^CAiJlllt ml*, ly T)*vt 2*Me\p(u AyJ Jei* Ml*+A+tlAh., <*yJe\ tie coAcil**t~ c^ ***A*ttA**J+J 1)avU 
QlAt*clete, La% isMcy. tic n/eiM- ly iZe\*y.. kjl* vjlxX f*ccc ^ocwtcJ e*- tie l*c\t/lllt trifle evt\fc*yc vlcte\y ly iocUcy c^cAt* tCcvly. ^M\y, SyjL 
Qe&, ?W Qtcllc, Steve \NaUI, J Ay ])l*«v»*e*t, A*Jy Pttl>tct, Sttvt McQUley., M-J- PaX O'Leufilly. At tie lf*U $A*yc tvt\ fl^ytJ. At %U ftiU 
QvhU\. lit. tt+^ich- V/M ket&h- ly tic Mtcf^itiih^ *h&4~£ itylci. c^ tic +&wLy \jCvh-zJ. PtUlet* e*. \cc. f\tyc\ \pt*JJ*~£ tittle wmWm «♦» Uc 
\joc11*ML IfUt/, HUic MivitAfJU., Jet \NctAcl, Jet M*6e<U, D«*****4 \4c\u*+, J^ J<4***, *+J- Jet KAcyyt-du i*vt /cd/eJ. to bw~c~ ll*X\ Ult+h U 
tic let. liiyw*U,lt**dJ^M**j'j4*A^ Setter tic Lceh><4.\ f\Ue *yjJbX+*£ tic VtM A 

<pouj* «( i+dhvtlMfcc \4*4vhC\i. mie teek tic t^Ack dyllyfy c^ fewcit Cf<*+hf- A lit tee n*ic<~ity. R.*cl**f town tic cc<^X\iv\ e^ Cm*/*, tit 
\JS-i **J- MvtXce \jd\ tic L*4t 1S yCM4 i*vt tec* J***l Si*^lt\cc\, \Cmc* Qltyo*, Jtft ftAjU+J., Uwy Bill*, *+J- u+Jc\ tic w*AdJ(jJi lyte^Ut 
tnMJtto*. cyu*X, Mi. McCex*hick, ticy iefc te n>*t*tX*y ^ l*ite fevuiX *Le**t~ tlcl\ jewvhCy*. Let'* f*+y (e\ tic**-., -tidl wt? I tic*-. *** * 
ce*h4hi*clAl \jt>\ tic *yjJc \f>\ ISl. **~ei/lc "f\c*^ii toJ $**+fd* %**i. A$**+>" it^\i^ Jit* $il*te*+ AhJ. $****■ &*%£■ Abe e**. tic tcltvitle+. *m 
/)**w*'* +**hlc4, e*c %***>*. lien/ 'yO\M2f\ \ " wXi ie+t HiU Q'&nl mJ- cc*4c*tAhU \\etly [jic^hlette***, St*cty UAlvtAAt, Pill SttlU, *J. 
J*y SM^ueXelcc. f *p*lckLy t**cJ. fae*** tit tdlit A+U icttcxJ- A j**~hX Ao*i+. 7ti Avc*«uc. 

f <w*4 tyMttefcJ. ly tic ti*o**%t e^ t*te\ e*JUeiu^t M tic V\*cyi J) Ay Pma/c \JUaUJ- ly. luM*^ tic f*ck AvJ- VMiihf tici\ Ia*>*cm ilct wtAt 
$tcfi*hlc irJAthd AyJ- HeiinA ^cIIavMsCC. fellewlhf evty *. \f#i f*ct* leil+J- 1* S***^ f^^Af/cu-J>llA wttt Ia+J- **^c**J(,t\\ f\*H*>*+y &vh*ld, 
HlcictU Mlci*u*X, AhX &tyA+t CImJc. \J+Jc*hC*ti tic lc^ el tic \Me+Jti/ec' \JLe*X w** Civile f\*^ Ha********** £*********-£***»>+**, wie #M 
idcl*^ A ImaM. \po*+. ic\ u44+aI \elc Ai. A*. A'xaIIa*. fA^cc-n. My icce+J* \tef- aLc*^ tic mAy mia* l+Xe tic wedJ.-ic*«ew*+tJ. ce***t+ly dot caUU 
Millet- Kttfl+f tic c\ev//- tellltsC' l*s tic Alda m/M Ci*l* \*+celll+*fie. \jl* U^iU thtlllci, "be+*'t fihAclc tic %A£tl " A*Ji "$wic i V tytAtlhC *■ 

fylCI*" M/t4C*eAlc%Ow/-jUcA4CW. Atyc\ CAtciU*f il* Act, t iteffc/ At A +W14A+J. A+J- ***A*~y e^ ewi clAl4***Att4 ***a/c tit itjJJLl+t*. 0*tU\pD*J, 

f+te M/tu- tic Held. Pi^t M/l+^l+f tcA**. e\, J)Avt McuyCh-, Nik PaXcI, MUa AhJ. Qc+JIa 2c*+lyekevA, Ci^U lie***At, a*-J. Myl l\*~o*+f. llcl\ ttA*. 
itA/cJ. ly ^^a-Lax fiyildit, Jet DtPlctu>, i+J. f*tc*Jc/ a ia*cccu\jJL cum. te n^kt-f^XUv^ IaI/&*cw. AUe e*+ tic l/ve+X f*A6c WM A iieeteU 
letwech. tic IccaI A*4l-vlelchct 0\LA+Xy&cv. 0\$A**lydlei* icA*it*i ly Gil+iAldlt OmaUc*, JcmIca Qe**yJUt, a*JL Ce***+lc CaIvo, a*U tft 
Ma\^a Ult^Cfih., Jei*. "fAticx Qihe" Kc*«hc/y AyJ. <il/cklok, SaI Le***AC*xe, Ica/I+j tic "HaLIa*. %AttAlle**' '. f\tyc\ cellcctl^ **y f*fe\, thy 
titn*titt, AyJ> *i~y ciA**Lt, \ ce*4lhi*c/ e*. **~y WAy. I */A\ ^juil^ i^^c^y AhJ. AcoJtJ te ttef- 1*> PAfA Ql**e ' i, ***A++AceJ. ly $ttfiA*slc Hevilt- 1 
tic**. f^ocu/tJ te **~y 1/lhAl Jcdlhrtlo**. — tic <H*f4A*hJ>>iitct. /♦* tic cvicaI AiiU. WM A f^Ut^u. el M^Uc ^i^clc\e, Jeii P\fXi, Jcti Reic, A*JtU 
idt el tic 2010 Olythflc btCA*h. ItAth. ey. tic ccvt\ el A \MiiAtlci let. f\ cA>JleA>J itA+jU+f. el (\<JUa f\l\AiA**. WM fl-AdJ ly. l/u>*4 «| tit 
kctcittf. XltflAy. Pit tic thJ el tic ciceL-e<4. Alttt 7 v/M MlU Ka**. Iac^I*^ tic [c\L'JJi^ l/u~it. kjt 1% itlll Attt**+ll**£ te mUc ili a+l*\ 
S+fllli \acA\ci fAfc\ M/lXi tic n*fCM/l*le*. el Mxt. \Cu~tcll. Well, I ****** It Cel*sC *+e*i. 



^■};:;\ f >W : wW 


When I am an Old Woman 

I shall wear purple . . . 

with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me. 

And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves 

and stain sandals, and say we've no money for butter. 

I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired 

and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells 

and run my stick along the public railings 

and make up for the sobriety of my youth. 

I shall go out in my slippers in the rain 

and pick the flowers in other people's gardens 

and learn to spit. 

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat 

and eat three pounds of sausages at a go 

or only break and pickle for a week 

and hoard pens and pencils 

and beermats and things in boxes. 

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry 

and pay our rent and not swear in the street 

and set a good example for the children. 

We must have friends to dinner and read the papers. 

But maybe I ought to practice a little now? 

So people who know me are not too shocked 

and surprised when suddenly I am old 

and start to wear purple. 

by Jenny Joseph 

as read by Kelly Kinneen 


/ can show you the world 
Shining, shimmering, splendid 
Tell me princess, now when did 
You lost let your heart decide? 

I can open your eyes 
Take you wonder by wonder 
Over, sideways, and under 
On a magic carpet ride 

A whole new world 

A new fantastic point view 

No one to tell us no 

Or where to go 

Or say we're only dreaming 

A whole new world 

A dazzling place I never kne 

But, now, from way up here 

It's crystal clear 

That now I'm a whole new world with yo 

Unbelievable sights 
indescribable feeling 
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling 
Through an endless diamond s 

A whole new world 

(Don't you dare close your eyes 

A hundred thousand things to s 

(Hold your breath — it gets bene 

I'm like a shooting star 

I've come so far 

l can't go back to where 1 uset 

whole new world 
With new horizons to pursue 
ill chase them anywhere 
There's time to spare 
Let me share this whole netu world with 


whole new world 


A new fantastic point of view 

No one to tell us no 

Or where to go 

Or say we're only dreaming 

J 42 

A whole new work 

(Every turn a surprise) 

With new horizons to pursue 

(Every moment red-letter) 

ill chase them anywhere 

There's time to spare 

Let me share this whole new world with you 

A whole new world 

That's where we will be 

A thrilling chase 

A wondrous place 

For you and me. 

— Theme song from Aladdin 
By Tim Rice and Alan Menken 

Auidlirai Albirailiaiim 

ILyim Marie Derinis 


My daughter, my 

■■i$fc Ife' 

friend for life. You've 

M ^^% 

always made me 



*W 9 ^W 




* 4 **^P* 

f t~ [ 

/ *- 

Lynn Marie Dennis. 
We love you and wish 
you a healthy, happy 
successful life. Con- 
gratulations for grad- 
uating and for being 
yourself; smoke-free, 
drug-free, psychic, 
and awesome! 
Mom, Dad, Steven, 
and Michael 

Sam Bragg 

Kate Guiaiiriri 

To Sam, 

Time has gone by so 
quickly and here you 
are off to college. We 
are so proud of you. 
God bless you al- 
ways in all that you 

We love you. 

Ma, Dad, Eric, and 


Congratulations Kate. 
Being your parents 
has been a real ego 
trip. With much love 
and pride. 

Mom and Dad 

Kristirie Cclliris 

Carrie IHammari 

Dear Kristine, 
If life gives you a frac- 
tion of what you've 
given us, it'll be great. 
Believe and trust in 
yourself and never 
forget the Golden 

Mom and Dad 

J 44 


We are all very prout 
of you. Congratula 
tions and may tht 
future bring yoi 
much happiness. 

Love i 
Ma, Dad. Brian, anc 


■Krister Lcrge 

Katie Milter 

To Kristen Longo 
To our sweet, 
thoughtful, and lov- 
ing daughter. You've 
worked so hard and 
we're very proud of 
the fine young lady 
you've become. We 
wish you success 
and happiness. Keep 

Mom & Dad 

Dear Katie, 

You are bright, articu- 
late, and at times, 
even charming. As 
you embark on a new 
and exciting chapter 
in your life always re- 
member that you 
have an inner drive to 
succeed. Best of 
everything to you! 

Mom and Dad 

Jcsepti IKaiezynsiki 

Otirissy Oliver! 


Be proud because we 
sure are. Thank you 
for being the person 
you are and most of 
all for being our son. 
We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Chrissy, 
We are proud of you. 
You have always 
been a very good and 
kind person. We will 
always be there to 
support you in every- 
thing you do. 

Mom and Dad 

Maggie MaielLellain 

Jill Ouiellette 

Bloom where you 
are planted" and 
you'll have no re- 

Travel life's journey 
before the sun sets. 

Congratulations — 
you know we are 

— Thank God for his 
blessings with your 
head slightly 

Mom and Dad 


We could not have 
asked for a better 
daughter! We are 
proud of you and 
wish you happiness 
in everything you do. 
Mom, Dad, and Heidi 



Ctiris Pollock 

Ctiristire Rousseau 


Your High School 
days ore behind you 
and you've done so 
well! We want to say 
Congratulations and 
Good Luck! We're sure 
you're going to do just 
Your Mom and Dad 


i ' 



^^~ r ^8 




Dare to dream 

Be all you can be. 

And know this to be 

true — 

We will always love 


Mom. Dad. Julie, 
Jeffrey, Jonathan, 
Joseph, and Bethany 

Freddie Piccic 

Auidrai Peviriski 

we are so proud of 
you, and that you've 
grown into a wonder- 
ful young man. Good 
luck and we will al- 
ways be therefor you. 
Mom, Dad, and Dena 

Dear Audra, 
"The key to happiness 
is having dreams . . . 
The key to success is 
making dreams come 
true. " We wish you 
many sweet dreams. 

Mom. Dad. and Adam 

Sairati Poristvali 

Jake Scott 

Dear Sarah, 
Everything we have 
done together has 
passed by so quickly. 
We will always love 
you the same as that 
first day we saw you. 

Mom and Dad 



Congratulations! Al- 
ways knew you' 
make it & real proud* 
howu. 'ell yi mj c lid. Ket 
the same standards 
outlook andyi njllbei 
successful in collegt 
and beyond — 

Love you lots 
Mom and Dae 

Jim Stiirtcn 

Martttiew Terry 


We love you & think 
jou're perfect. Hope 
jou have a hoppy, 
leolthy, long suc- 
zessful life. May you 
ilways have good 
riends like the ones 
jou have now. 

Mom and Dad 


This was your first 
day of kindergarten, 
and now you are on 
to college. Good luck 
to you, l know you 
will be successful in 
whatever you do. I 
will always be here. 

Elaine Stunrgiis 


Break a leg! 

Mom and Dad 

To Melanie Willis, 
I have no question 
that you will be very 
successful and happy 
all of your life. I'm so 
proud of you! Con- 
gratulations, I love 
you so much! 


Hell Willis 

Staicey Sultveirais 


We're so proud of you! 
We both know that 
you'll excel in what- 
ever you do. Re- 
member, you're going 
Co "Learn to Fly." 

Love always, 
Ma & Dad 

To the Class of '95, 

Best of luck in the 
future. You all have 
the potential, and 
have had it since the 
day you were born, to 
accomplish anything. 
Never forget your 
Ranger Pride! 

The Ranger Baby 



Congratulations MIH§ 

Class of 1995 

Joseph Austin 
Cindy Botes 
Karen Bergeron 
Coroi Blotner 
Lois Boynes 
Deon Brouder 
William J. Cullen 
Paul Fiorentini 
John Fitzpatrick 
Joseph Forseze 
A. Steven Francis 
Linda Friel 
Roger Fuller 
Joanne Gallagher 
Glenn Gearin 
Kathy Greene 
Officer Ray Guy 
Karen Hallbauer 
James Healey 
Daniel Herlihy 
Kenneth Hoffman 
Aluin Huebner 
Michael Hughes 
Sherri lsbister 
Fdward Kelley 

Neil Lynch 

Linda Lyons 

Michael McCormick 

Maria McDermott 

Carol Merrouj 

John Moore 

MaryAnn Moran 

Margaret Moynihan 

Mario Pagnoni 

Diane Pellegrino 

Kevin Pezanowski 

Chad Pfeil 

Ann-Marie Provost-DesRoches 

Frank Rapisardi 

Peter Salemi 

Rita and Don Sanguedolce 

Frank Savory 

Donald Sestini 

James Shamberger 

Donald Smith 

Jocquelyn Tropiano (gr4 Marsh) 

Brian Urquhart 

Sue Wagner 

David Whiting 

Kate O'Neil Wilkinson 




Board Certified 

Stephen *M Weisner, DMD. 

(508) 683-3433 

126A Pleasant Valley St. 

Methuen, MA 01844 

(508) 686-8007 
555 Turnpike St. 
North Andover, MA 

Coca-Co fa (Bottling Co. 


^Massachusetts division 

23 So. (Broadway/SaCem, Ofihf 03079 

(603) 898-5916 





t is with much pride that we congratulate you, 
who are the future of our community. Your 
diploma can be the stan of a great beginning, a 
key to open the door to a successful life in 
whatever field of endeavor you may choose. 
May you continue to enjoy success in all that 
you strive for. 

The Eagle I rjbiine 



J 50 






Dance & Fitness soo oa^a 

"Experience The Difference" ... DOO-OV 39 

• Summer Camp • Competitive Teams • Pre-School Activities 

• Birthday Parties • Dance • Fitness • Hoys & Girls 

• Adult Programs • Beginners - Advanced 

Uvm Located 

5 Burnham Rd 

Methuen. MA 


'Admemnl u> Rich i Otoartmcm :>iorr- 

Licensed by Registrar of Motor Vehicles 
Complete Driver Education Course Available 

Berkeley Auto School 

Driver Safety is Our Business 
Se Habla Espanol 

Roland Suliveras 
Charleen N. Suliveras 

5 1A Berkeley Street 
Lawrence, MA 01841 
(508) 685-7701 

Bill DeLuca f s 


Shawsheen Square 
339 N. Main St. 
Andover, MA 01810 
(508) 475-6200 

Metfiuen Ofiafi Scfioof 
Ye Oide Tlanger Sfiovye 

Marketing/Distributive CEd. 


For 127 years the Lawrence Savings Bank 

has served the Merrimack Valley. 

We have six convenient offices, great banking 

hours and a friendly, helpful staff. 

Our wide variety of banking services can 

meet your personal and business banking needs 

The next time you need a bank , 
please try us first! 

AlJ Lawrence 

Savings Bank 

(508) 725-7500 
Member FDIC/DIF 





to tfie 
CCass of 1995 

Methuen Education 

Teachers and Program Assistants 

(508) 682-3342 

John D. Doykos, III, D.M.D., MS 0. 

Diploma ii. Ami kk an Boakk 


Suite HI 

KKI Amesbury Street 

Lawrence, Massachusetts 01 840 

Getty RYDER 

Gas & Diesel Fuel Local & One Way Truck Rentals 


233 So. Broadway 

Salem, NH 03079 

Tel. 893-6556 

Ray Giuffre 

Emission Test 



Foreign & Domestic 

pbbbv ■■■■ m mb h^ mm «p • Commercial 

■mm mb mb mmm mi 7-\ bmmmb * Industrial 

J2 JJJ^ ' J£ mTm» mm mb mb mm* * Sprinkler Systems 


™* ™ ■ . "" 'Ti, TT- TTT. """ *"* • Filtration Systems 

Artesian Wells & Pumps 

Mngnxma Rotary & Cable Tool Drilling 
Free Estimates d2"?SlClSi Service 4 Installation 

-aaS3§5£ In NH 1-800-287-6981 

Route 111 • Salem, NH Carol County NH In Maine 

893-6981 374-680- 2CT-693-4097 


American Association of 



Specialists in Orthodontics 





(508) 686-3838 

All ihe bed from Marriott 

Boston- Marriott- A ndover 

123 Old River Road 

Andover, MA 01810 

(508) 375-3600 

'Do not drive any faster than 
your guardian angel can fly. ' 


Tom (Mr B.) Baker 

245 Broadway 
Methuen, MA 01844 

milCZLOS S ( U1»EWMA ( R'K£ c f 
14 Jackson Street 
Metfiuen, "MIA 01844 
(Best Wishes to the Class of '95 



Charles Daher's 



Congratulations & Best of Luck 

Charlie Daher 

Exit 45, Route 495 
Lawrence, MA 01841 
Tel. (508) 687-3000 

Broadway Tire & Auto 

456 Broadway 
Lawrence, MA 01841 

CLASS OF 1995 RfHI&Hope 


METHUEN, MA 01844 

Videobrary H 

466 Lowell St. 
Methuen, MA 01844 




Bed Wishes 

Mayor Dennis DiZoglio 





S & S Builders 

Custom Built Homes 

234 Pine Street 
Methuen, MA 01844 

"Let knowledge build your 
future and S & S build your 
future home." 

(508) 682-8622 

Good Luck Class of '95 


1 55 

Charity's Studio of 

125 Tyler St. 
Methuen, MA 01S44 

Official photographer of the 1995 yearbook, 




Methuen Rangers 
Booster Association 


^P Methuen, Ma. 1 844 



Best of Luck in 
whatever you do! 




Flicks Video 

Video tape & game rentals 
234 Pleasant St. 

^TMethuen, MA 01844 

Good Luck Class of '95 


J 58 




Congratulations & Good Luck 

115 Merrimack Street 
Methuen, MA 018*44 




Impressions in Flowers 
266 Broadway 
Methuen, MA 01844 

La CfiancfeCCe 

550 (Broadway 
QAetfvuen, "MA 01844 

Climate Design Systems 

Haverhill, MA 01830" 
(508) 474- 0444 

Frank M. Troianetlo D.M.D. 
GaiyH. Wainwrigki D.M.D. 

60 East St. Methuen 

Congratufations to the Cfass of '95 from: 


¥ J. "Pizza 

Super SwirClce Cream &f Candy 

SpeciaC Moments Limo 

ConCin's Pharmacy 

'Efm Crest PLeaCty "trust 

"R.7LJ. PleaCty 

"hfowe St. Superette & Propane